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How to smoke at home and hide the smell! [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. New flash marijuana doesn't smell as strong as cig's especially after all that shit he said to do.

    Also it's not gross to eat an apple after you smoke out of it, I do it occassionally with small apples, poke a hole through the core and put your bowl
    at the top, nice apple chillum.

  2. News flash. People who don't smoke pot can smell even the tiniest traces of it. Don't kid yourself.

    As for eating an apple that's been smoked out of, one word. Disgusting :)
  3. :confused: They both smell pretty strong, but the smell of mj sticks far more longer than cigarettes.
  4. It's my experience being around parents while high, and they used to smoke, that the best way to not smell, is to do A few things, take your shirt off and air it outside for a while and just soak in the wind.

    Also I always wash my hands before I go out after I smoked and brush my teeth.

    My eyes don't get that red unless I am baked Until I have no motor skills.

    But weed smell doesn't stay on u nearly as long as cigs do, and the smell is no where near as strong as a freshly smoked cig, if smoked outside.

    Weed is no where near as strong as cigs, although yes people can smell it if they do not smoke.
  5. Other Options:

    Do not go through all of that trouble.. instead invest in a decent dugout pipe, go for a nice walk and smoke in that. Or roll a joint and do the same. Be sure it's not a busy street. Or perhaps go on a nature hike in the woods (depending on where you live)

    Also, if you have a sploof, why are you going through all of the trouble of taking a shower and stuff like that? Go to the store, buy some incense, light those in your room, lock the door, smoke, blow the smoke through the sploof... and if anybody asks about the smell, just say it is the scent of the incense.

    Oh, and if you want even less of a scent, save up your allowance (i'm assuming your younger by your posts) or any sort of money you earn, and buy a vaporizer. It will leave less of a scent behind; with a sploof it will be almost impossible to detect the smell.
  6. Blah, Id never recomend smoking in your bathroom if you live with parents.

    Why smoke in a room NO matter how stealthy you are, It will still leave a smell some how.

    Steam absorbs the smoke and helps condense it on things, So when you dry you might smell.

    Also why smoke in a room that EVERYONE is going to use.

  7. Yea but if you have a bathroom that no one else uses, its basically a fucking opium den.
  8. Id say still.

    Best way is outside... 100 yrs down wind.. Lol. Idk. its always a good safe route if your not lazy and wouldnt mind a small walk.

  9. I always think my parents are gonna hear me going in and out. paranoid much:eek: lol
    A: Take a Walk
    B: Smoke On the Roof
    C: 0. Wait until night
    1. Get in your room
    2. Open the window
    3. Get a Pipe/Bong
    4. Smoke out the window
  11. The problem with smoke and smoking is that you can't smell it on yourself. Everyone else can smell it on you for instance if you go outside to have a cigarette and walk back in to the bar people will smell the smok on you. This is the main problem with smoking at home!

  12. ya but thats cig smoke, weed smoke doesnt stick on u
  13. 1. Tin foil does not cause alzheimers,for one marijuana helps reverse that,and foil is metal and wont burn at the temperature your lighter gets to.
    2. Dryer sheets are atrociously horrible, look up the chemicals in them and what they cause to humans,just down right terrible.

  14. Well you're not smoking through the sploof so i dont see how those chemicals are getting in your body.
  15. Maybe , but recently havent studies shown THC helps reverse the effects of Alzheimers? Smoking from aluminum wont really bother you if you dont make a habit of it.
  16. Ghosting smoke is not good for you. It's also unnecessary if you have a sploof.
  17. My Guide:

    1. Get a Window Fan and put it on extract
    2. Blow smoke out the window = no smell!

    If you by accident let smoke out in your room, light a candle.

  18. this.

  19. Ofcourse it does. Your like the most misinformed person ive seen on this forum. ANY smoke will linger on your breath and clothes. How would weed smoke be any special?
  20. ya that's true... i dont know why you guys are separating weed smoke and cigarette smoke..... its all just smoke, there's nothing special about weed or cigs

    and also.. you cannot mask the smell 100%, no matter what you do. its not like you could use some method, have someone smell the place where you burned, and say "no i smell absolutely nothing". the point is not to find the "perfecT" way, just to use the best methods that you can think of to minimize the probability of anyone detecting.

    so use a sploof, blow smoke out of a window, keep a fan running, stuff a towel under the door etc. you can add anything you like, but only to a certain point (ex. i know putting an incense in my bathroom would make my parents suspicious).

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