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How to smoke at home and hide the smell! [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey, you've just stumbled onto a thread that will help you hide your weed habits from your parents.:)

    Items you'll need:

    1. A towel
    2. Sploof (Toilet paper roll with dryer sheets stuffed in it)
    3. Bong
    4. Tin foil + Needle (If your bong doesn't come with a screen)
    5. weed (However much you'll need)
    6. a lighter
    7. a bathroom
    8. visine

    1. Go to your bathroom and turn the shower on hot so it steams
    2. Turn on your bathroom ventilation system and open a window (if applicable)
    3. Put a towel under the door to keep smoke from escaping
    4. IT MUST BE A BONG ... not a Joint ... So load up your bong
    5. Light up your bong and suck up all the smoke in one hit
    6. GHOST THE SMOKE (Hold it in for 30 seconds) if you can
    7. Exhale through the sploof
    8. [Optional] Take a shower at this point + Rinse your mouth
    9. Apply Visine on your eyes

    Why go through all the trouble:
    (Optional Read)

    1. The steam given off the hot water in the shower will absorb the smoke and make it less strong in smell
    2. the ventilation will intake all smoke and steam and release it outdoors
    3. the towel underneath the door prevents smoke from escaping under the door
    4. Using a bong releases less smoke
    5. Ghost a hit to release less smoke per exhale
    6. Sploofs transform weed smoke into smelling like a dryer
    7. Showers prevent any smell sticking to your hair or body/clothes
    8. Visine prevents redness in eyes (Can be bought at a pharmacy for 4 dollars)

    Please rate and comment below
  2. Good effort but there are about a million guides like this with the same advice. And ghosting is horrible advice. That shit will definitely fuck up your lungs.
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  3. ya sounds about right, the steam really does help. even if u dont use a sploof and u dont have a vent system the smell will still leave with the steam. by the time u finish your shower the smell will be gone

  4. ghosting doesnt fuck up your lungs anymore then regular inhalation of the smoke. it doesnt matter if u ghost it, actually alot of times its easier for people to ghost there hits cuz it cools it down

  5. Seriously? Do you know what ghosting is?
  6. yes i do but do u?
  7. Water vapor actually makes the smell last longer.

  8. Yes I do and I don't see how anyone can think holding smoke in your lungs for 30 seconds isn't bad, or how it can help to cool the smoke.
  9. listen Bros ... we're all children of the seed ... lets just not fight on a peaceful thread to help new people stealth it ... just listen and if you like it ... smile and walk ... if you hate it ... just walk ...
  10. :laughing:

    im gunna laugh then walk
  11. #11 disco22, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    Hasn't smoking from aluminum been loosely linked to Alzheimer's? Even if it isn't 100% true or false I don't think its worth risking.
  12. listen to the asian their smart lol. no but realy its a peacfull thread if you see someting you think you can improve on then add your 2 cents. as for me i think the steam makes the smell last longer but it also keeps it from spreading. i dont use good smelling sprays i use water spray cuz it takes the smoke and puts it into the ground so the smell fades off
  13. Heres my guide:

    Smoke out of anything not rolled.
    pack 1 hit at a time so theres no extra smoke.
    Open a window.
    Take off screen if necessary (if the wind is blowing some air in its helpful so smoke doesn't go back in your room)
    Blow out window

  14. i dont think u kno wut ghosting is, u do realize that with ghosting, instead of inhaling the smoke into your lungs u keep it in your mouth and then let some out and quickly reinhale.

    here is a vid:
    [ame=]YouTube - clean ghost smoke trick[/ame]
  15. #15 Ace06, May 12, 2010
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    The ghosting that most everyone in this thread is referring to is keeping the smoke in your lungs until it disappears, which obviously would tear up your lungs as well as damage your brain from oxygen deprivation.

    I'm not sure how taking a hit, exhaling a ring and then inhaling it again would help conceal the smell. . .:confused:

    Anyway, I'm not sure we should be smiling and walking away if the information you're posting is legit harmful to people trying to chief in their bathrooms

    --> tin foil is dangerous and can supposedly lead to Alzheimer's as has been mentioned, steam makes the odor of bud stick to the walls and thus last longer, ghosting is horrible for you like I already said, and smoking through a sploof and then spraying air freshener everywhere means that you're breathing in a ton of dryer sheet/febreeze particles which I'm not sure is bad but sure as hell feels nasty.

    I get that you're tryna help, but a ton of the things you're doing shouldn't be recommended to other people.
  16. it's called a kill shot not ghosting.
  17. Ok there is no reason to use visine as a shower can give you red eyes, explenation done.

    Also my brother was on my acct yesterday and told me to look at this thread, I did, and I have tried smoking in my bathroom, because I'm not supposed to smoke in th house, did it and it worked flawlessly.

    The only problem would be not having hot water for long enough, our hot water heater is messed up and gives about 30 minutes or less of steam water.

    I smoked in my room before(without sploof and just blew it out the window and kept the door shut for 8 hours.

    But this is an easy way to toke up in the house.
    My brother told me he used to do it before my father took him to school, haha.

  18. -Cosign. Ghosting a hit is when you hold it in your lungs till its gone and tin foil is horrible to smoke out of.
  19. I don't ge why anyone would even want to blaze in the bathroom, smoking is all about chillin an relaxing, nothin chill about standing with tour head out your bathroom window
  20. Where i come from we call a sploof a flowbie (not sure how to spell it).
    p.s. u dont really need eyedrops. u could just say the soap or shampoo got in ur eyes.. this might now work if your the type of person who smokes n they're eyes stay red the whole time they're high :D

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