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How to smoke at home and hide the smell! [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AsianPotHead, May 12, 2010.

  1. mayb their 'rents don't approve of smoking, mayb they do and dont want the house to smell, there could be lots of reasons.
  2. triple post ftw.. ny way I think it would also be better to blow the smoke into a wet towel.. just make sre you don't 4get it in the bathroom, high ass (like i did once :smoking:). throw that shit in the laundry right after, or it will smell.
  3. just smoke at night.

  4. i hate to tell you this but thats not gohsting thats chasing the smoke. gohsting is when you hold the smoke deep in your lungs and let it all stick to your lungs and breath out no smoke. and it is unhealthy it is ok to do it once in a while.

  5. I was referring to the OP's definition of ghosting. I know that trick and yes it would help cool the smoke, but thats not technically ghosting, IMHO.

  6. +1 lol
  7. Holding in for 30 sec=bad
  8. Ghosting a hit is holding it untill the smoke disspears.( Like a ghost dissapearing) That's called a mushroom, because it looks like a mushroom cloud. I have smoked joints in my bathroom multiple times. All you have to do is turn on the vent and blow through the sploof, the rest is overkill, and put something under the door. When I'm not hitting the joint I make sure to hold it so the smoke travels throught the sploof (smoke rises). I have also done this just holding a dryer sheet in my hand and it worked just fine.
  9. Smoking is all about getting high, or why else would you do it?

  10. Not to be a dick but what does that have to do with smoking and not getting caught/hiding the smell:confused:
  11. Not to be a dick but someone on the last page said smoking was all about chilling, I forgot to quote.

  12. Alright then :cool:

  13. ha its 1:50 AM on a wednesday night and my dad is wide awake in the den watching tv
  14. all i know is that "ghosting" def gets you higher w/ less weed. the longer your lungs are absorbing smoke, the more thc you're getting. and if you get higher faster, that's less weed smoked and less 'waste'
  15. No, pretty much all the THC is absorbed in under 7 seconds. Some people say 3-5 seconds.

    When you hold a hit in for 7 seconds and blow out, all that's left in the smoke is harmful carcinogens and carbon dioxide, which is harmful if held in for 30 seconds as it takes a bit to absorb unlike THC. THC is absorbed quick because the body has natural cannaboid receptors in the brain and parts of the body so it's quickly recognized and the body knows what to do with it.

    The reason you probably feel higher when ghosting a hit is because of the lack of oxygen + the acute toxic narcotic-like effects of the carcinogens and carbon dioxide being absorbed into your body.
  16. You missed a step or three.

    1. Turn 18
    2. Get your own place
    3. Respect your parents wishes if they don't want you smoking it in the house.
  17. Yeah I don't smoke in my parents house.
    But if I was gonna, I would just wait until like 2 am(cos then only my dad would be awake), Shut my room door, put a damp towel under it, open the window a tad, an roll something up. :)
  18. Ive been smoking for a couple years now and Ive tried just about every option there is when it comes to being stealth, and IMHO this is all anyone ever needs to do if they are trying to toke and be stealth about it.

    1. Invest in a twin door gaurd (just like on TV) you can buy these sometimes in Doubles packs at walmart for very cheap and works amazingly well, much better and less effort consuming then a towel(having to re-setup your towel everytime you need to open your door).

    2. Make a Really good sploof, that means get the best smelling dryer sheets you can get( I use bounce its a good brand to choose) and stuff at the very least 6 of them into your tube and then take another sheet and fold it around the end and secure it to the tube using a small rubber band. If you make your sploof correctly you can exhale the phattest of all hits through it and it will mask it perfectly. This is very important! So make your sploof Correctly!

    3. Open your window if you can.

    4. Light incense *Optional

    5. Invest in Fabreeze, get the extra strength version with the blue bottle and bright orange top.

    Now all you have to do is chill in your room and toke up, just dont forget to sploof all your hits and never ghost them I still dont know why people even bother telling people to do this, holding your hits any longer then 3 secs has absolutely no benefits at all (holding it anylonger is only going to kill your lungs faster) , just hold your smoke for 3 secs and exhale done.
  19. I can guarantee you'll still smell of smoke after this! The problem with smoke and smoking is that you can't smell it on yourself. Everyone else can smell it on you for instance if you go outside to have a cigarette and walk back in to the bar people will smell the smok on you. This is the main problem with smoking at home!
    Plus if you still live with parents they have craczy 6th sense stealth detective brains.

    On a plus note Visin does take away the red eye problem.
  20. Incense can be an awesome solution. Just clear burning it with your parents and they will more than likely never smell anything else. Works for me.

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