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How To Smoke A Glass Bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JackJoker, May 20, 2013.

  1. bought a glass pipe like to one in the picture
    how do i smoke it? i know i put the weed in but there's a little whole on the side of the head where the weed will go do i hold a finger over it when pulling? or leave it? and there's a little whole where the weed is placed should i make sure no weed goes inside? 

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    cover the hole to fill the pipe then let go to clear it
    n about the weed put a screen
    or enough so it dosent come through
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    It's called a spoon, and the hole is called a carburetor or just a carb. How it works is you put your thumb over the carb when you take your draw. This allows you to fill your lungs but also fills the small chamber under the bowl. Just before you finish your hit, take your thumb off the carb and clear the chamber of smoke. You can conserve weed by putting the bowl out with the butt of your lighter afterward.
    To prevent weed from falling through the whole and giving you a scooby snack, just make sure the ground weed isn't too fine and repack the bowl consistently.
    Just be careful, as soon as you release the carb you can get a huge hit that you weren't expecting. Pace yourself and inhale slowly. Also, make sure you don't torch the bowl. Inhale as you are lighting it and pull the lighter away as soon as it's lit.
    Cheers! :smoke:
  4. yea man make sure you don't suck the weed through into your mouth. you could put a stem over the hole or something if your weed is falling through

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