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how to sleep after taking adderall

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KidCudi, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. hey guys,

    i took 75mg addy IR today at like 12:00pm

    how can i go to sleep WITHOUT drugs (alcohol, xanax, etc)

    is there any way?

    cause i usually end up laying in bed till dawn then getting up and feeling tired as fuck
  2. Exercising early in the day can help. I personally finding that eating a lot (later in the day can help), as your glucose spikes then drops off.

    Besides few natural things only downer type drugs can help.
  3. ^ although you may not want to, eating a lot at dinner usually does the trick for me, after that i usually do some lifting and by the end i'm worn out
  4. id usually take addies around like 10/11 pm and then id get to work and get my shit done around 2-5, by 9 id be chilling out. so after my morning class id smoke a joint, chow down a bunch of food and crash.

    id usually only take 20 to 40mgs, and that was enough for me to stay up. i guess id say just wait til your chilling out, smoke em if ya got em, eat. and crash..
  5. how do you guys eat tho

    i get cotton mouth so eating makes me gag and feel like shit
  6. Eating is really difficult. Try eating wet/appitsing foods that will go down easy. Smooties and milkshakes can provide a lot of calories and go down somewhat easy. In general your best bet on eating while on stims is eating/drinking things with lots of calories.
  7. Eat eat eat!!! thats really the only natural way. You naturally get tired wen you eat thats why you feel lazy afterwards. A lot of your systems blood flows to your abdomen from other parts of your body after you eat to aid in the digestion of food. You have less blood in your other organs (head, heart, respirtory system etc etc) so your body naturally feels tired.
  8. orange juice and milk helps a ton. id usuallly eat at the beginning of it or wait until i was coming down. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are pretty easy to get down if ya have something to drink them with. otherwise eggs/omlets go down smooth, cereal and bagels and be touch and go though
  9. drink anything high in acidity, and drink a lot of it. and eat, also... yes.
  10. True it is easier said than done trying to eat on amps... But like former blade said, try wet foods, or milkshakes......whatever you eat have a big glass of water/milk to mix in your mouth with otherwise like you said u feel like gagging.
  11. man a milk shake sounds so good right now, i wish i had some ice cream so i could make on. and if our nuker didnt beep that be nice

  12. What do you need a microwave for???

    Milkshakes are bomb :D
  13. cause the blender is way too damn loud, and not that great. what i do is scoop up a ton of ice cream, add some milk and nuke it for just a bit. long enough for it to soften up so i can mix it up by hand and get it nice and creamy. ive actually had better milkshakes and malts doing it this way versus the actual shake/malt maker at restaurants.

    but i do love making smoothies with the blender, i wish we had some peaches. mix a ton of ripe/overly ripe peaches, some yogurt, a bit of ice cream, a shitton of raspberries (best if wild), a bit of banana, bunch of orange juice, and maybe a splash of milk (2% is best) and ya got one dank smoothie.

    sorry for the thread jack there man
  14. #14 Fel.pZ, Dec 13, 2009
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    benadryl. bottle of 100 goes for a few bucks.. take #, or # if you want to pass the fuck out and have a buzz before doing so
  15. dude you should either edit or delete that, dont give dosage adive. i know ppl do sometimes, but mods do catch it either soon or later..
  16. @damncrazylegs

    its all good, i dont care

    besides, i feel like shit right now
    trying to eat stuff

    @fel.pz thanks, ill pick up a bottle sometime and try that

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