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How to "save" weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by outofgum, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. I'm new to smoking, like really new. I've gotten high maybe 3 times with my friends. I don't have a dealer, I don't know how to roll, I don't know any of it. I'm here to learn.

    I've read that different methods of smoking (bongs, joints, blunts) can save, or waste more weed than other methods. What does this mean? Can you get high with less weed using different methods of smoking?

    Someone please elaborate on this, thanks!
  2. Well if you smoke a jay for example you're wasting more weed because it's constantly burning. Through a bong you'll go through weed faster because it burns quicker and you get massive amounts of smoke into you at one time. The most effective way to conserve weed and get really high is vaporizing. I'm talking less than a gram to get blazed. Buying a dug out and taking batties or the so called 1 hitter(mine is like a 4 hitter) is another great way to conserve and still get ripped.
  3. BUY DANK BUD my bad
  4. welcome to GC :wave:

    and blunts and joints use more weed obviously because you need to fill the papers.
    bongs pipes bubblers. anything with a bowl. you can limit how much you do or dont put in. so if your trying to save weeed. i suggest getting a pipe. and just pack little amounts in the bowl until your satisfied.

    and i suggest you ask your friends if they know where to get some bud. cant smoke unless you know where to get it, right?
  5. This too!:D
  6. if you dont want to buy a piece the most efficient thing is a gravity bong, which you can easily make
  7. If your looking for a cheap method, buy a one-hitter and a box. Easily one of the best ways to conserve, also smoke by yourself and you will smoke less.
  8. Welcome to grasscity man, you will learn a lot here, trust me I have.

    Soviet is pretty much dead on, people just refer to using your weed to the best of its ability, like saving every little puff. Worst way to waste your weed is smoking blunts or joints, but some time you just need to light up a fatty joint, while a vaporizer saves the most.

    If you dont know what a vaporizer is, its a heating device that when put at high temperatures, 350-400F, vaporizes the THC in the weed(the main ingredient that gets you high) and turns it into smokeable VAPOR. Its not smoke, its vapor, so its a lot easier on your lungs and brings out the taste and gets you higher cause it uses all of the THC. Meanwhile when your burn weed, some of the THC is destroyed before you can suck it in. AFter you vapor off the THC your bud turns to a dark brown, depending on how high you vaporized it, and then can be either tossed or saved to be cooked with when you gather 40G or so.

    Only bad thing is, its expensive.

    So if you enjoy toking I would check out a glass bowl or pipe that you like. Or if you have your own place check out a bong. Both these methods will give you more money for your weed and a stronger high.

    If you have some cash to drop, check out a vaporizer on ebay, you can get a decent one for 60-70 bucks.

    Hope to see you around.
  9. Technically, pipes and bongs are much more efficient than rolling. With a bong you get high faster, since you are getting more smoke at one time. More smoke at one time=more THC. With a bong one pinch of bud taken in one large hit will get you high quickly and it hits pretty hard, and its smoother than a dry pipe. Pipes are just as good if you cant hide a bong though.
  10. Also i forgot to mention that if you're a new smoker and you take bong rips, two will put you down. So tolerance plays a big factor too.
  11. The glass bowl seems the most portable and the best decision for me, thanks for the input guys.

  12. Quoted for truth.

    But it all depends really on the THC percentage of the bud. As you adventure through your smoking career I am sure you will come across all sorts of different strains. You will quickly notice some are much more potent than others, and you will be able to tell how to distinguish them.

    But to answer your question, go with Soviet's answer. Smoking methods that use bowls generally use less Cannabis because you determine the amount in them. The same argument could be used for rolling, but generally you wouldn't find someone filling up a joint or blunt with 0.2 grams of Cannabis.

    As a beginner, I, as well as others, have suggested that you purchase or borrow a glass pipe ( also known in the general smoking community as a bowl ). They are simple to use and will generally conserve more Marijuana.

    If you have any questions at all, I would be glad to answer them for you. Just shoot a private message my way! ;)

    (I'm sure the same can be said for the majority of members on this discussion board.)
  13. Get a vaporizor:)
  14. I'll keep you up on that!

    New question. What is the difference between a bowl and a pipe?
  15. The best way to save on weed is to get a vaporizer and take tolerance breaks.

    The more you smoke the more you'll need to smoke to get high, but if you space out your smoking sessions you'll keep your tolerance low and you won't need to smoke as much to get super high. I smoked a LOT in spring quarter and towards the end it took two or three bowls to get me as high as one bowl had gotten me at the start. Hence why I'm sober for July.

    Vaporizers are supposed to be really efficient but they're expensive, though no less expensive than a fairly good bong.

    I don't know if it's fair to say that bongs are more efficient than pipes. They definitely hit you a lot faster.
  16. Probably best if you are new to smoking.
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    A pipe is a smoking device that is usually longer than it is wide. It can be made from a variety of materials, including metals, wood, and the most popular... glass. The area in which you stick your Marijuana into the pipe is called the bowl. In almost EVERY smoking device, there is a bowl of some sort. This is simply a dip in the glass pipe that serves as the staging ground for the combustion of the Marijuana. There is a hole at the bottom of the bowl, and that is where the smoke enters into the chamber of the pipe.

    The word 'bowl' is basically slang for glass pipe or glass spoon ( a pipe shaped like, you guessed it, a spoon! ). The correct terminology would be "pipe", but by saying "bowl", you are usually implying Marijuana use.

  18. A bowl is just another name for a pipe. Most people just call it a bowl.
  19. it all depends on how you like smoking, i dont think you waste weed anyway smoking...
    Bongs= big hits
    bowls= portable smoke little amounts
    one hitters= sneaky and key-word "ONE HITTER"
    blunts= good for you and friends
    bubblers= portable bong
    vaporizor= cleaner hits, gets alot out but your not smoking your vaping
    joints= the res keeps resinating the bud as you smoke it, and you can still put it out?

    i ussally buy a qt of mids a month.. roll 6-7 king sized joints save scraps for one hitter and i have a grinder with a kief catcher (you must have) so once i have no more weed or roaches i make hash i call it my hash stash and let that last the rest of the month.. ussally if im going to smoke before school or wake n bake or before bed i use my roaches. i smoke around half a joint a day ( full joint compared to half king sized)
  20. mad old thread? :p

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