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  1. So as of late i need to re focus my attention on the most important things. I've been on a journey of self improvement catching momentum and there are a lot of distractions. How do you refocus your attention on priorities?
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  2. First before gowing afer anything. If you are un balanced. You need to get grounded.. meditate at the base of a tree for awhile.then you should be able to begin haveing a more clear view of your desires.which in turn will give you.the priorities to focus on.and should help to revitalize you..get up every morning and stretch your body out breakfast.

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  3. Go to a national or state park for a few days just camping, no cell service or anything. Just you, your most basic primitive needs of food and shelter, and nature you don't get other places.
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  4. I stare at the point...Like not takin' your eyes off the ball.

    It will smack you in the head.:coolalt:
  5. You're right some 30 min meditation sessions outside a couple times a week can benefit me. help me realize my real priorities when i get really distracted and what order i should be focusing on them. i will surely be trying it with my back against a tree.
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  6. I've been wanting to do this recently. think ill have to take that leap
  7. There's a lot of points. A lot of balls, pitchers by the infinite. which one do you keep your eye on.
  8. It's absolutely the best. I just got back from a 26 day roadtrip through the Midwest, from Cali to Colorado to Vegas and back. About 15-18 or so of the days were spent camping in various national parks and forests. Really recentered my focus and was great to have no cell service most of the time. When I wasn't hiking or taking pictures I was smoking with my buddy by the fire and just immersing myself in nature. One of the most memorable things I liked to do in really good star gazing areas was to load up on some heavy indica hybrids like Chem dawg or grape inferno and just lay in my hammock/sleeping bag and just watch the stars. I lose myself very quickly and go on a journey of the mind.
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  9. 100% agree. Sometimes that is the ONLY thing that helps me recenter myself. Just the trees, birds, bees, flowers, hills, mountains, squirrels, EARTH, water, Fire........Nature does it's job, that contentment man...seeps into every pore of your soul. Natural medicine. Gives you a LOT of time to think. THC can give you the jump to get a "society fast" going.

    A Tbreak may also be in order...I find that best recentering takes place when I'm sober. Rebalance, reprioritize...take a step back etc. Once my new direction is in place it can then be augmented. Seeking to force a new route with Cannabis as a shortcut has not ever lead to anything long term for me. That's just me though. I might expound on that if you've been feeling a tbreak and what they bring to the table for me at least.

    Good vibes.
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  10. Goodness a t-break may be in order but that indica star gazing on a hammock in the forrest sounds so appealing. maybe a t break BEFORE the trip.
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  11. The first one...Minus that possibility, the most important one.:coolalt:
  12. Yeah nature is awesome. Take a walk on a warm cool night and realize how lucky you are to be alive

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
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  13. When to take a tbreak is a tough choice. It can sometimes get in the way when you are bored. It's only a hotfix to boredom so some place in the woods where it can be hard to ease into such a completely different vibe and get away from everything. Even knowing what to expect I sometimes need it to force me to allow nature to work its magic.

    Sometimes my problems stem from trying to fix everything with THC and all that really does is "hotglue/duct tape" it so to speak. While that's great in the short term. Long term it makes me discontent. My settings themselves needed to change and it took being sober as a motivation to accomplish that.

    Like neglecting good diet/exercise (both mental/physical) and just smoking when I feel discontent etc.

    I've taken tbreaks before camping also...just so I know it's going to do the trick. I tend to focus on weed as almost a main event when I'm locked in a shitty routine and that's not its purpose I don't believe. Augment...if it has nothing to augment then you just get a big ball of energy with nowhere to throw it and introspecting can only take you so far in the same old same old environment.

    Augmenting nature??? Definitely awesome. Especially, like I said, easing into things like Cold stream baths, campfire meals, all the set up, heat/bugs. The stress that can crop up...

    For me it's just like a trip (camping trip ofc ;) ) I smoke once to ease in. once at whatever "peak" I find and once when I'm leaving to suck up the last bit of juju and partake of the peace before I leave it. Sometimes I do it without THC, it's just up to each experience.

    Anyways...many types of R&R trips. I've gone on trips expecting it to be a walkabout of sorts and that doesn't materialize, just rest and a break. Other trips where all I wanted was rest and a break and I got an intense spiritual experience.

    Either way man, I pray you get all the best nature has to offer and have a breakthrough, if nothing else, a breakthrough toward peace for a short time. Don't focus too much on introspecting if it gets kinda dark, just go for a long walk. Spend some time gathering a bunch of firewood. I find that fires release a ridiculous amount of energy just watching them/fanning/stick placement/airflow. Really making me wanna go on one myself lol, even though I just did.
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  14. Lots of wisdom to garner from this.
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  15. Some stretching, tai chi and then meditate on a rock in the middle of this creek- it's a very powerful spot. It gets kind of hot being exposed to the sun, so then I jump in the cold water after. It comes down from the mountains, and is always cold! You really have to be in the moment or risk slipping down the bank or hurt yourself- every step becomes important. Did it today, feel great, goes well with the New Moon now
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