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    Ok, so I'm growing 4 clones in a 8x5x5 tent in my room. Not the smartest idea, but all I have right now. The tent is fairly large and takes up more than half of my room. I eventually hope to get up to 8-12 clones in there if the smell isn't overwhelming. But, for now I have a few problems. I am using a 1000watt Metal halide for my vegetative state and the temperature is out of control hot. It's 35 degrees celsius at the 1000 watt level so I have it running at 500watts right now and the temp is down to 31 degrees celsius. The humidity is pretty good around 28-31. But I only have an exhaust fan and not an intake fan. Also my exhaust fan is only running 240 CFM. So I need a new exhaust fan running about twice that and an intake fan. If I make these improvement will the temperature drop in my tent? Will it drop enough to up the wattage on my light? :hippie: :bongin: :confused_2:
    Here's a picture of my biggest girl (Cotton candy sativa). Unfortunately she's dying. :confused:  She was healthy last week, but I think the constant high temp is killing her. Help!
    Pic.1 is her now
    Pic. 2 is her about a week ago


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  2. Should I water less if the temperature is higher?
  3. Upgrading the fan will help. But, If your dumping the hot air back into the room the tents in, the intake is going to suck the hot air back in the tent. Dump the hot air somewhere else, if that's not working you might need to get a cooler air fresh air supply using a/c or pulling air from outside or another room if they're cooler
  4. Oh you mean like position my exhaust fan out my window?
  5. yes, if you're exhausting into your room that is hardly an exhaust.
    you need to be bringing the exhaust outside and sucking new air in, preferable having the exhaust and intake not hanging out the same window right next to eachother
  6. Well that's going to be impossible since I only have one window!
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    Btw, would you position your exhaust fan directly onto the filter, or would you connect it to the end of the vent duct?
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    have your filter as the intake and the fan immediately after, push the air through the hood then to a window or vent
  9. I have the fan on the end of the duct right now. It seems to be working. My temp dropped to about 28 now after I moved the clones to the other side of the tent. It's still at 500 watts. My humidity is a little low though at 46.
  10. you have the fan on which end? 28 is about as high as you want to go to avoid producing airy bud
    whats your outside temps?
  11. Outside in my city it's 13 degrees celcius. In my room it's just about the same as in the grow tent. Maybe that's because I'm not filtering the air outside yet. I'll work on that tonight. I need to mount it against the window.
  12. I have a fan coming from the left side of the tent which has three openings not sealed off but no intake fan yet. The carbon filter is on the right side of the tent above the clones. If I knew how to upload pics on here I would show you.
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    If its cold out the vent might make some steam, i dont know your situation but something to think about. It gets cold here and I have neighbors. There's actually 2 cops houses with in 2 blocks from here. Don't want too draw attention. I can vent outside, in the attic or in the room my tent is in depending on the weather
  14. its the + sign next to quick reply
  15. Is that your ballast in the first pic? If it is remove it from the tent, that should help with temps some.

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