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How to properly snort

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Flashback, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Okay, it's a very basic question, and I have snorted many substances, but I'm still unsure:
    How does one snort a substance to get the highest percentage of the dose through the nose?

    When I just go full out and snort as hard as I can, It all ends up going down my throat.
    When I snort it lightly, I have to constantly look up/hold my nose closed with my fingers to prevent whatever's up there from falling out.

    So, am I right to just do it lightly and look back for a couple of minutes?
    Why in the hell does it never seem like anyone in the movies ever has this problem? (I've never snorted anything with friends)
  2. Don't matter really. I snort it as good as I can, it'll hit your nose and then your stomach (in a mix of liquid snot and oxy,etc.) Doesn't matter how hard you snort it because it's all going to be absorbed.
  3. make like a hoover and snort that shit up. I dont know if this is proper tech. I stick the utensil .5-1 in my nose and hold the other nostril. My nose is fucked up and I dont have a problem, youre going to have some drip, maybe it just seems like a lot to you :confused:
  4. grind up substance as fine as possible and snort somewhat soft....also depends on how clear your sinuses are... if they're a little clogged, snort harder so you know its gettin up there.....
  5. Keep a steady speed of snorting the entire way through. Start to inhale through your utensil before you hit your line or bump and keep going until your straw/pen/etc is completely clear of whatever you're working on. You don't need to go all crazy fast, but not hella slow. Drip is normal. It's gonna happen. If you are getting big chunks of whatever substance you are working with in your drip, it's because you didn't grind it up enough. Gotta go for even consistency for all of it and get it as fine as possible. If you get savage drip that kills you, a bit of warm coffee or something kinda syrupy will help cut down on the taste/burn.

    This should help if you can tell what I'm trying to explain. It would be easier to show you in person, but yeah. I've had my fair deal of snorting stuff. It's become kinda like a sport for me.

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