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How to properly Load a bowl And unload (For newbies)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Loopz, Aug 11, 2017.


What is better Bigger bowls Or smaller bowls And If you want to Say med that isalso a valid response

  1. Big bowls ;P

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  2. Small bowls ;P

  3. Med size bowls ;P

  1. Most stoners already know this but still, I'm gonna tell you
    (What to do) Load piece by piece
    (What not to do) Load a full Nug ;P
    (What to Do) Go slow And have patience A slow Made bowl is a better bowl
    (What not to do) Go fast And Doesn't take time
    (What not to do) Do not empty bowls in carpets, Sinks Etc
    *Tip* A bowl Should take at least 3 minutes to load I suggest going slow
    *Tip* Smoke Tiny bowls If your new A tiny bowl Is the Best it gets you high Fast And it has low marijuana consumption meaning More bowls for another day Plus It's discreet

    So let's get started
    Step 1. Get Pipe, bubbler, Bong Etc
    Step 2. Grab a nug, And then Break it up into small pieces Or big pieces.
    (May be bigger Or smaller depending on bowl size)
    Step 3. Load bowl slowly Not To tight And not to loose And load Patiently you don't wanna waste weed on a bad bowl
    Step 4. Slowly pack Bowl To make it tight and Somewhat Flat (optional)
    Step 5. I Suggest burning Corners Of a bowl That way there is more (Greens) To smoke
    Step 6. Unloading a bowl Grab a wire, Pencil That has no lead, etc
    Step 7. Lightly Tap the bud or Weed To see if it's ash if not smoke the rest of it If ash Lightly stir it And then empty Do not let Ash hit Furniture if it is rubbed in it might be hard to get it out
    Step 8. Reload Again like I said When loading Make sure to take your time
  2. A bowl takes me 5 seconds to load wtf... you smoke how you wanna smoke... everyone smokes different.

    I personally load .3-.4 bowls and rip em in one hit... I don't mix up the ash and add green or anything if I think I may of missed a small pinch of weed it just gets ashed... I empty my bowls with a toothpick reload hit ect... idk how it would take 5 minutes to put a quarter gram of weed into a bowl... it's not some art that has a delicate process.

    Then you got customgrow420 that straight up puts chunks of bud in a bowl and gets a nice cherry going and nice thick smoke... to each their own.

    Grow journal
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  3. :) I know Just a suggestion For newbies I personally Think loading Bowls Perfectly Can help Save a little bit Of Weed It is up to you how you smoke I Just have The best experience With Slowly made bowls also I did not mean 5 mins :) I was over exaggerating like I said I get The best out of a slowly made bowl It is really Up to you Not only that But I seem to have very long lasting Bowls and it's good to load slowly with Multiple people in a room Because More out of a bowl means more people get Multiple Hits Thx for The response It helps ;P
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  4. What on Earth? :coffee:
    Can you go into detail as to why it should take 3 minutes to pack the cone?
    I grind all my bud up when I get it, and scoop it into the cp with the cone itself. 2 second job if even that.

    What are you doing that takes 3 minutes?

    To each their own I guess, toke on brother.
  5. Pack that weed in there and smoke it. I think you might be the only stoner in the world who takes 3 minutes to load a bowl.

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  6. I think he was including breaking it by hand

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  7. That still only adds a couple seconds lol
  8. Maybe for people with nails like me lol... my girlfriend takes literally like a whole 5 minutes to break down enough weed for a blunt. she bites her nails to nothing when she doesn't have them done

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