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How to Prevent Munchies?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Gadawg1, Dec 5, 2022.

  1. Anybody ever found anything that works? Im a recovering alcoholic so weed is my life support but Im also a workout maniac and it just wrecks my diet. Ill literally eat 5000 plus calories of garbage at a time.

    It’s to the point where, when it’s time to get cut up for the summer, all I have to do is cut back on weed.

    Anybody found a solution?
  2. I’ve found over time that the munchies aren’t as big of a deal for me as they used to be. I’m not sure why but I really don’t get hit with the overpowering urge to eat anymore when I enjoy cannabis. Maybe it’s linked to tolerance?

    I do some things though to minimize the effects of the munchies. I plan my meals to coincide with my use. When I get off work in the evening I’ll smoke and have a drink and then I’ll have my evening meal. I try to plan my meal so that it will satisfy my hunger without adding extra calories to my daily intake. Another way to enjoy cannabis is to do it while engaging in other activities that don’t include food. Go for a couple hours hike in the woods while smoking. When you’re active and engaged you aren’t thinking about eating. You can also bring along healthy snacks that can satisfy cravings but that stay in your meal plan.
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  3. Another thing that seems to work for me is I try to cook as many of my meals myself rather than getting take out. I find it incredibly relaxing to listen to some great music while cooking and enjoying some promo cannabis and a tasty beverage. Get you some easy go to recipes for meals you like and that are very healthy and you’re set.
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  4. Certain strains don't induce munchies as much or even at all. I grew some blackberry Kush from grower's choice, which had hardly any munchie properties.
  5. cherry tomatoes , eat them like popcorn
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  6. carrots drop one a minute or better go another strain try a sativa

    good luck
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    Try pot that dont give you the munchies. Get edumacated right here.
    Marijuana Strains That Don't Cause the Munchies (

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