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How to press kief (piecemaker specifically)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Concho23, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Ok so i got myself a Piecemaker Pollen Press. And i was wondering, how do i use it.

    like i understand how you put it in and all but one of the steps is just press so i guess heres my question:
    When i press it, for how long do i leave it? do i add heat? how hot? how long do i expose it to the heat? etc.

    Basically any tips and suggestion on how to make good hash will be very appreciated.
  2. You just put the kief in.

    And start screwing the cap on (assuming you have this style...a pic would help)

    Once it starts to get hard to turn it you're pressing the kief.

    No need for heat...or at least I never used it.
  3. yea i just got a pollen press too now all i do all day is fuckin' shake my goddamn grinder to get kief and then press it. well today im doing that anyways :smoke:

  4. first of all thanks emagdnim. but i have some more questions.
    how long do i leave it turned for? do i repeat the process? could anyone link me to a step by step guide or something? thanks
  5. Just keep turning until you can't....and you shouldn't have to leave it turned long. It's a powder so it'll stick together easily.
  6. i recently bought a piecemaker. Works great. Had a couple chances to use it already.

    Make bubble-hash and then let it dry out flat. Doesn't really take longer than a day in the summer for it to dry. You can get any type of keef/hash base to press.

    Cut it with a razor as small as you can (if it's already powder, skip ahead).

    Use the metal die (smallest piece to the piecemaker) and cut a piece of wax paper to that size with a razor. Then cut out a second piece of wax paper to the size of the tube itself. Place the bigger piece of wax-paper in the bottom cap (the one that screws onto the tube without the handle through it), and the smaller piece on that same metal die in the tube. Your keef goes in the tube after you set the wax paper. Close the handle as tight as you can with your bare hands and then turn your stove on low. If you have an electric stove, you can set the piece-maker right on it. If it's propane, use a pan to create a hot surface to place it on.

    Let that sit on there for about a full-minute (less if it's a propane stove). Then take it off and quickly try to turn it tighter again. It should continue to twist a bit. You can do this once more, but I usually leave it at that.

    Let it cool down a minute or two before trying to open it. Unscrew the handle first (just crack the pressure away so it's not pressing against the next piece you remove).

    Then unscrew the bottom cap. Continue to twist the handle until the entire coin of hash comes out. It SHOULD be stuck to the wax-paper on both ends. Just peel that away with a razor, it comes off clean.

    And then...repeat as necessary?
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    Off subject a little but... I have a piecemaker and I got the top cap with the hole in it stuck
    on the cylinder!!! prolly from pressin the crap out of it but owell. Anyone have any ideas on how to get it unscrewed??? It's on there really tight and i dont have a vice.

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