How to Phase Nutes?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Vegi, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm into the second week of my Tangilope and Sugar Mango Ryder grows. I'm using the Bio Canna range of organic nutes. Currently using the vegging nutes, but how and when do I move on to the flowering nutes?

    I also have a 'boost' thing, do I stop, start using these at various grow stages or do I have to phase both or some of these at diff stages?

    Tried using their website but its not very useful 😭

  2. I'm not a chem/bottle grower so I cant say with too much certainty but I think you want to flush your soil before swithing to the flowering nutes. I've also heard that you should slowly introduce the flowering nutes rather than just quit the veg nutes cold turkey and start giving it the flowering nutes. someone else can hopefully chime in on that but I'm pretty sure you'll want to flush your soil in between growth phases
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  3. I agree about the flush before harvest...nothing spectacular but maybe 2x what your container can hold. When entering flowering, plants tend to still need some vegging nutes for the first week of bloom. I would start at 1/4 strength when introducing vegging nutes and flowering nutes and observe how the plant responds. If she responds well then you can up the dose to 1/2 strength. When her tips yellow or burn a bit then you know how to dial it in.
    It's trial and error really but slow and steady wins the race.
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  4. Cheers dudes.
    So even when she hits flowering, continue going for the vegging nutes for at least a week and dial in the flowering nutes?
    Yeah I thought it might be a bit of trial and error but thought there might have been some method to the madness  :lol:

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