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How To Pass Pre-Employment Urine Drug Test (2013) Way To Do It.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by downamerikacorruptsystems, May 22, 2013.

  1. Lets get to it. this is just for quest diagnostics in the houston, texas 77082
    1. find someone on probation who doest do any drugs, or any one clean have them drink a coke then piss, put that in a dried out water bottle. Cap it.
    2. depending on how soon you want to take the test try to keep the pee 10 hours fresh before the test to not have any mishaps, i wouldnt trust it not me. so if you really want to be shure shure have the  urine 3 hours at the most fresh before entering the drug bottle,
    3. obtain urine, then get 3 rubber band put them on your legs, between your thigh so when you sit down you balls are squished. the urine needs to be put in a device thats just like this fuck the fake pee i got my white niggas for the pee images.jpg
 1 hour  before test fill the device, put a heat therapy patch for neck arm legs and small areas located at walgreens cvs put the adhesive side to you legs, put the urine bag on top of it then put another over it covering it. strap the rubber anding pull yo bitch ass pants up. and in 45 minutes take the     first pack of as the urine will be hot. sit down on a chair with your legs crosed pushed out squeezing your thighs together. then at 15 minutes then hop in yo whip and dip to the center dont bring anything but your phone, hair comb, and wallet. remember dress black pants, work shoes and white collared shirt.
    5. onces their take of the pad. for 3 minutes, with the urine bag now pressing agianst your thigh, then after the 3 minutes push the warmer bag agianst the urine bag for 5 minutes after thattake the pad of then prepare to go inside.
    6. go inside sign in at the registrar desk and sit , no one was inside the desk area so i just signed and sat for 10 minutes with no warmer just my legs crossed stretchched and my balls keeping it temp. i was then called to meet at the door 4 seconds assed the door oened i was taken to a room, gave the papers to her my ssn and drivers id. she gave me a sample cup after putting on gloves i washed my hands cup was handed to me after she said i got 4 minutes and was take the the restroom where she then put blue agent drops that were sitting inside already inside the restroom in the toliet.
    7.closed the door and open your ants let it air for 25 seconds then put the liquid slowly but steady at a pace into the cup then blow on the urine and hurry out the restroom to avoid detection, they will then ask you to sign the container then the container baggy to be sent to the labs.
    Now someone i meet is waiting for the 2 days to pass before results for his or here pre-employment drug test.
    5. then after waiting

  2. Well thank god you made this thread!!what would gc be without a thread that has never been stickied or even posted on here....too bad theres already a "how to pass a drug test thread"...lots of em
  3. you aint gotta be a lil bitch nigga about it.
  4. haha my buddie did it this way but way stupider and i cant believe he passed he got the piss at 11 the kid pissed in a mason jar my buddies test was at 2 he took it home and before he had to go he warmed it up in the microwave haha and poured it into a condom and strapped it near his balls and drove 30 mins to the place with no warmer or anything. they called him back and had him pull his pants down and just felt the outsides of his thighs he said he freaked out because he thought they were going to ask him to take his whitie tighties off haha 
  5. Well im sorry im fuckin tired of seeing 5 new "help me with drugtest questions" just streight sick of them. Ive been here for a while you know..
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    Labcorp/tx  unsupervised with door closed. 45ml required 
    Bought quick fix emptied the synthetic out, because i was paranoid. I then had my clean  buddy  fill it up and used as instructed worked perfectly. I've used synthetic before and never had problems , but this was for a pretty big career move so didn't want to take any chances. 
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    "Well thank god you made this thread!!what would gc be without a thread that has never been stickied or even posted on here....too bad theres already a "how to pass a drug test thread"...lots of em"
    Yea because lab testing procedures never change right? I think everyone who takes a "piss" test should post their
    experience to defeat the system that is biased against  the cannabis lifestyle. 
  8. I know this post is a few months old, but I wanted to thank everyone for the advise. I never register on any websites, but I did on this because I felt like I owed several of you posters a big THANK YOU! I don't smoke MJ, but I do pop hydrocodones on a regular basis. I used to take around 15 a day, but over the last couple years, I've cut down my usage to one pill a day. Nevertheless, that's still plenty enough to get a positive result on a drug test.
    I actually had a drug test for a promotion back in June 2013 and I tested positive for hydrocodone. An MO from the lab called to verify if I had a prescription. I did have a prescription from 2010 but that was gone in about two or three days. The expiration date was March 2013. So the prescription I had was over 3 years old. I told the MO I'd just had a wisdom tooth remove and I was took some hydrocodone that was laying around the house. He asked if I had a bottle and I said no. He said if I didn't have a bottle, he would have to keep the result of the test a positive. This part is absolutely crazy. I went to the pharmacy in the place I worked (I was promoted within) and asked the pharmacist to make me a bottle with that old prescription on it. I didn't think he would, but I figured, it was this or lose the promotion. Low and behold, he made me the bottle. I took pics of it and sent them via e-mail to the lab and they overturned the result. CRAZY!
    Well, I got offered a better job somewhere else this month and once again, I had to do a drug test. While I submitted my sample at a testing site an hour away from the previous testing site, I knew they would send the specimen to the same laboratory. So I knew the same excuse that worked for me before wouldn't work again. With that said, I decided to attempt substitution.
    I had my friend piss in a condom for me. The testing site I had to go to was an hour away so I tried to get it right before I headed to the testing site. It was a non-lubricated condom and I tried to rinse as much powder off of it as I could before giving it to my friend. He pissed in it, filling it all the way up. That made me nervous because I'd practiced crotching it for a couple days before hand, but it was nowhere near that full. I considered pouring some of it out, but decided against it. I brought a digital thermometer with me on the trip so I could check the temperature before I went in. About twenty minutes before I arrived at the testing site, I turned the heater in my car on low and held the piss in front of it to warm it up. I did this a few times and checked the temp which was around 95 degrees. Once I saw the testing site, I pulled over into a parking lot of a business nearby. I turned my heater on full blast and once again held the condom in front of it. I checked the temperature again and it was 99.7. I immediately shoved it by my gooch. I wore tighty whities and really tight jeans with nothing in the pockets to avoid suspicion. I got in and only had to wait about five minutes. When I went into the bathroom, I was nervous as hell about the temperature and nothing else. I'm so glad I decided not to pour any of the urine out because it was barely enough to cross the required measuring line. Seconds later, I saw the temp strip on the side light up in the normal range. I wanted to jump with joy right then in there, but I refrained until I got outside lol.
    Anyway, thank you all so much for your advice. It saved my career. My only concern now is whether they will check my old urine next to this urine since both were sent to the same laboratory. I know this sample is negative though, so I think I'm okay. Anyway, this method worked for me for keeping the temperature which I know a lot of people are always worried about.
  9. Did this about 2 weeks ago and I passed lol. So yeah it works dudeee
  10. I couldn't believe it lol. I mean, I'd read a lot of people saying they used this trick, but I'm one of those people that refuses to take anyone's word for something unless I try it myself. I was nervous as hell, but after all was said and done, I couldn't believe how easy it was.
  11. I regularly enjoy all types of recreational drugs, and smoke cannabis daily. Having worked in the mines for over two decades I am often asked to undergo urine analysis. Over the years I have looked for various ways to pass these tests, with varying success.
    However now I find the easiest and most reliable way to beat these tests, without having to rely on friend's samples or carrying around stale samples between your legs for hours and hours on end, is to simply use the Spectrum Labs quickFix prodcuct. Keep some handy in your car, locker, office, etc for any unexpected tests sprung on you. This product has never failed me, easy to use and includes a heating strip that keeps your sample at the correct temperature. I purchase mine from and the product arrives quickly. I have tried so many methods over the years, if only QF had been around many years earlier I would have saved myself a lot of time, effort, suspicion, money and much more. Thank you Spectrum Labs! Highly recommended prodcut!

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