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How to pass a "random" drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Reroll, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hey guys :wave:

    My work is starting random drug tests at unannounced dates. Everyone is unaware until they start calling employees to the back where they have mobile drug testing company come by. Since I have no idea when they will do them how can I keep smoking and still pass without preparation?

    I've read a lot on the different methods to pass including dilution, substitution, synthetic, etc; but none work because they require time for preparation to make sure the temperature is correct, or that you have to drink this or eat that so many hours beforehand.

    Any suggestions or help instead of having to quit completely? Thanks!:smoke:
  2. You can carry around clean piss with you every day...
  3. Find a new job or quit smoking. :p

    There's no way I can think of without constantly carrying clean piss on you at all times.

  4. Can you use the same urine? I would think it would go bad being that warm every day...

  5. You would need a steady income of fresh urine.
  6. Since you labeled this as bio i might as well say it. Shit in their cup.
  7. Has anyone here actually passed a urine test using synthetic urine?
  8. I'd find a new job. If its retail, it shouldnt be that hard. Or again, just quit smoking. But I don't think you want to ;)

    To avoid posting another thread, let me ask.

    I'm getting a job. They require a test. Heres my smoke schedule according to the day of the test (meaning the day i take the test, how many days beforehand i smoked:

    - 13 days
    -17 days
    -24 and 26 days.

    In that span i think each time i had a dime between blunts and spoons. With water and exercise, what are the chances i pass?
  9. the most important thing to remember in these scenarios, IF YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL, REFUSE THE TEST. sure you will lose your job, but you wouldve anyway. and if you fail the test, and a future employer calls them and your current employer tells them you failed a test, it probably wont look good

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IF YOUR GOING TO FAIL, REFUSE THE TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ^ Refusing the test would blow my cover with parents. Its not the job say, theres many more (cashier jobs? pfft.) If I refuse, they will ask. If I fail, they will know. Even though I can leave the house at any moment, still...
  11. [quote name='"Bowlblow"']Has anyone here actually passed a urine test using synthetic urine?[/quote]

    I have, worked great for pre employment
    • water water water everyday all day while your at work,, its good for you too,, just drink till your piss is as clean as the water and that means your piss is water don't have time to settle in and get any bad shit in it,, that's what im going to do,, and that's what I do for every test I have ever took to get a job and I have never ever failed one (knockin on wood) and limit how much you smoke and when,, no wake and bake before work,, no break time smoke out,, just after work and only what you need,, ANYMORE THAN WHAT YOU NEED IS ABUSE ANYWAYS!!!! good luck!

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