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How to pass a probation drug test within a week

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SmithCC, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Well, I have a friend who has had a rough past. He had a kid and everything was finally falling into place for him. He got put on probation, was was clean for 6 months. But, his old buddy came along.. and he slipped up. He was doing so good at turning his life around, he is an amazing father. He is really stressing this appointment out because he last smoked 3 days ago. He knows that he messed up, and he does not want to leave his daughter. PLEASE. I need some help for my friend to pass this. His life is finally changing to the better. I need some help please!!!!

  2. a spin on SWIM..'a friend'
    read the forums for passing a piss test.
  3. Niacin isnt the solution, but it will flush his system.  The best thing he can do is drink a gallon of water an hour before the test, piss about 3 times, and go take it.  His piss will be clear, so to avoid it being neglected, take some vitamin B to turn it back yellow.  After that all he can do is hope for the best.
  4. A 'friend' eh op?   Smoking a week before a probation test and putting your freedom and you daughter shows where your priorities, smh.     You sound like father of the year. 
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    Dude there are two options. First he owns up to his PO and likely gets a warning after explaining what he did, and why.

    Second.. He acts like he 'cant' pee. Eventually the PO might get sick of waiting and offer and oral swab. Im on felony probation. 5 years. Have been smoking regularly and pass due to oral swabs.

    And of course if he had been clean for 6 months, tell him to exercise a lot. I have confidence it will work out for him. POs generally respect honesty, especially if he owns up to it. But those are his options as I see.

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  6. How much did he smoke? How much does he weigh, how tall is he, and does he do any physical activity?  Tell him to buy a test from wall-greens or some other drug store, or Amazon to test himself
  7. 1. Go to the store
    - cranberry juice lots of cranberry juice
    - vitamins
    - gallon of water
    2.Run until you can't run anymore

    3. Drink as much as you can

    4. Run some more

    5. Repeat
  8. Somebody help please I'm pretty sure I'm just being paranoid but I would like some reassurance. I need to take a u.a later this week I took 5 hits in the course of 2 days. On the first day I took 3 hits and was popping some gummie vitamins, on the second day I took 2 hits and later that night I drank a gallon of cranberry juice. The next day I was sober and went to the gym and worked out and also drank 1 serving of endo rush which is 60% niacin and it has some other vitamins in it including vitamin b-12. The next day I worked out again and this time longer sweating more I also drank a serving and a half of the endo rush. I popped about 10 gummie vitamins and drank about a gallon of water now I'm chugging about a half a gallon of oj and still popping some gummie vitamins. Somebody tell me will I be good if I buy some kind of detox kit tomorrow and drink water along with some more gummie vitamins. I am a little chubby but not overly so. I smoked probably about a bowl in all. Let me know fellas.
  9. lol i shit you not i smoked a bowl the day before i had a probation ua and i passed

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