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how to pass a mouth swag drug test.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nickydigital, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Im going to be getting a job pretty soon and i heard they take a little thing that you keep in your mouth for about 3min wondering what i can do
  2. just search saliva test and im sure you could come up with quite a bit. never knew it was something you kept in your mouth.? just figured it was a swab..whatever..good luck man
  3. only need 24hrs clean to pass this test.. 3 days to be safe
  4. My friend smoked the day of the test and what he did was put the swab in his mouth but didnt let it touch anything in his mouth. He just closed his lips around the swab and had it hanging there in the middle. Then she took it out and said ok your good.
  5. I took one of those for my job when i didn't know i was going to get tested, and i smoked the day before. You will do fine, i know people who smoke a lot more than me that pass easy, just don't smoke for a day or two and you are guarenteed to pass. they are cheap pieces of shit

  6. do what he said and also take a 3 day "tolerance" break :hello:
  7. Very useful, definately a thanks!

    Just a question since we're making suggestions... For a piss test.. How long can you keep a friend's piss bottled up before it goes old? Can they tell it's been bottled up after a certain amount of days or hours? Will not keeping it warm 100% of the time I have it bottled up ruin my friend's piss sample?

    Thanks. ;)
  8. we used to take those swab tests for fun at my old job, and i passed it while i was high one time. Just make sure you didnt just smoke and have some gum/mouthwash.
  9. thanks alot guys! ill just do 3-days w.o smoking just to be extra sure, thanks!
  10. I hope that's what they do for my drug test to get my new job because there's no way in hell I could pass a piss test unless I actually tried... and all that effort would suck donkey cock. Too much stress... it ain't healthy.

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