How to pass a drug test?

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  1. What is the name of this drink? Will just keep you clean long enough for a drug test? I have to do diversion and I can't start til I can pee clean. This means I have to wait 2 months before I can even start. Your help is appreciated.
  2. Bleach dont work i put some in a cup once and i still failed it. So i never got that job

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  3. I'm a daily smoker, and had to do a drug test within 5 days of getting my job offer. I scheduled my test for the 5th day, didn't smoke at all, and took 1-2 shots of apple cider vinegar every morning and every night before the test and I passed. I think it's because the vinegar has similar properties as your urine, so when you pee, any residual thc is diluted enough to not set off any alarms.

    I don't have any experience with hair sample or cheek swab drug tests though.

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  4. Whats always worked for me was drinking at least a half gallon of green tea and taking 10x the daily dosage for b12 (i think thats what it was anyways its been awhile) to make my pee yellow. I drink the tea before i take the pills and i take the pills about an hour ish before the test. Was those bad boys down with gatorade, the whole damn bottle. Pee a few times after taking the pills until your pee starts to get a tinge of color then hold your piss until the test. The next stream should be a light to golden yellow but after that it will turn green. Piss some in the toilet and take the midstream.

    You can substitute green tea for gatorade, just take a massive cranberry supplement with your first sip. These techniques always worked well for me
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    I passed mine by drinking a lot of jasmine green tea, like a LOT I was so stressed out cause it was in South Korea and i was expected at the police station two days after my last buzz and four hours before I took cystine b6 pills that I brought from France to make my urine yellow I was so worried but I ended up passing good luck with it bro !
  6. Yes. Sustain yourself from doing any illegal drugs for 60 days. You will piss clean.
  7. ive been 4 weeks without a smoke now. been taking some herbal detox stuff, drinkin about 8L of water and a litre or 2 of cranberry juice every day. tested myself yesterday and still failing. so that clearly doesnt work. bollocks lol. usually use fake pee (quick fix from alibongo) and it works every time but this jobs worth too much money and garunteed regular randoms so gotta stop anyway. its actually heartbreakin :(

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  8. When I was a teen I worked at a fast food joint. My mom went away for the weekend and I partied hardie. I think I went through a half oz that weekend. Well Monday afternoon came and she was waiting for me to get off the bus. Off for a drug test she says! Oh faaaawk. Prior to this i smoked every day, it was just a wicked heavy weekend. The results came in.....negative. Off the charts for caffeine though. Back then it was nothing but chicken nuggets and cola. Turns my stomach to think about it now. Strange. Or she lied about the results. Funny story though.

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  9. My man............ONLY way to pass the test........concern to be looks as though you are trying to enter into my beloved CORPS...............what do you want your MOS to be?

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