How to pass a drug test?

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  1. Hey everyone,

    First of all, I just wanted to apologize if this forum is in the wrong section. I had no clue where to put this. My bad.

    Now that I got that out of the way, I'm just wondering if anybody has any tips / suggestions on how to pass a drug test?
  2. my buddy told me that drinking vinegar and lots of water helps flush thc out of your system
    im assuming exercise aswell
    also i heard that if you dont do drugs, you will pass the drug test. i havnt tried it yet so i wouldnt know for sure if that would work..
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  3. Dilution or substitute. Vinegar, bleach, detox drinks ect are alp shams created by teenagers and corporate companies
  4. Quick fix or synthetix5 synthetix urine does the trick 99% of the time. Rarely do you hear of these products not workin around Colorado
  5. people always used to tell me lots of cranberry juice
  6. I passed mine after being a heavy smoker and only being clean 2 weeks (and I'm fat too)

    Basically the detox drink I used does in fact work.

    Thc stores in fat cells. It leaches into your system over time.

    Flush your system faster than it accumulates and on the day if the test use the drink to prevent fat burn (and thus release of further toxins for tthe day)

    don't exercise for weed tests.

    You want to not burn fat

  7. Detox drinks are just expensive dilution protocols. Like you said yourself thc is stored in fat. A drink cant make you burn fat only a calorie defecit can. Passin from drinking a detox drink is from the dilution with the additives in it to help pass validity testing. All the items needed to do this can be bought for much less than a detox costs
  8. wrong

    First of all the drink doesnt make you burn fat. IR PREVENTS fat burn. And yes it is 100% possible to consume a chemical that bonds to insulin receptors on fat cells preventing fat burn

    But you are right you don't need the drink

    A 16 oz redbull will cause insulin rush also preventing fat burn

  9. So you spent money on something to prevent fat burn? Which can be done with a calorie surplus and lack of exercise 3-5 days before the test. Again, waste of money
  10. ummm.... seriously dude the results speak for themselves.

    I passed the test when 2 other people in my same hire group didn't

    I had a friend smoke every single day up till his test, and did a detox and passed (this was a secondary test after failing his first one)

    They DO work.

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    He passed because the detox provided the necessary items for a successful dilution. B vitamins for color, electrolytes and sodium for specific gravity, creatine for creatinine(sp?) detection and directions for a high water i take to dilute the urine. Its a waste of money and he couldve passed without it using creatine powder, gatorade and b complex vits.

    Do the research before calling me out and youll see i am indeed correct. I digress anyways, keep wasting money.

    And you keep saying im saying they dont work. I never once said that. They do indeed work, just at a ripoff price that you could do yourself for a fraction of it
  12. I think you just want to be right. :D

    Lots of people fail drug tests. Just saying

  13. I want a solid answer for this too.
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  14. read the thread. I gave one already :D

    Heavy smoker for years, clean fir only 2 weeks. Pass

    My friend smokes every day up until his test and he passed

  15. Lol if I drank bleach wouldn't it kill me?!?!?
  16. if you are lucky :D

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  17. When did i tell you too drink bleach? I mentioned it because itw something i see on forums suggested by people to put into the sample cup. If you got drinking bleach from my sentence thats just darwins theory at work
  18. Haha alright man, I don't do drugs, I just smoke bud :)
    Haha alright man, I don't do drugs, I just smoke bud :)
  19. I totally agree on you roburn42. At first, I thought using Synthetic Urine does not work but me and my friend passed the urine tests using it. I don't think we are just lucky that day because we also found some reviews from other smokers that this is one of the best invention of mankind. we can depend on it when needed.
  20. Eat lots of red meat, take b12 pills, Nican pills as cell, and another strong multivitmin

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