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how to pack a bowl

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by upstate mrs, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. ok so this may sound like a dumb question: can you put a bud in the pipe like it is or are you supposed to break it up first. i'm new to doing this myself. whenever i smoked in the past (very rarely) it was always someone else's stuff. now i have my own but am not sure i'm doing things the right way.
  2. U break it up into bits and put it in the bowl. Get yourself a grinder
  3. thanks. can i assume i could get one of those at my local smoke shop?
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  4. Yup
  5. you can tear it up with your fingers in the meantime too. or put a nug in a shotglass and cut it up with scissors

    when you go to the shop ask for one with a "pollen catcher"...code words for kief catcher... if you're in a non legal area. its the very bottom and its got a fine screen that catches thc that gets knocked off the weed when its being ground up
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  6. good to know, thanks
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  7. Make sure its 4 chambers
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  8. If you end up smoking awhile and take care of it a decend grinder will pay for itself. A smaller bowl is also good for a more coffee mug shape rather than a open faced one IMO.
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  9. Always scissors, never hammer
  10. image.jpeg Alpaca bowl
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  12. This is good
  13. Edit: Double posted
  14. Thanks.
  15. Yeah like breakfast burger want something exactly like that. Hmm...only other tips I got would be. 1. Kief almost always goes on top or mixed in with green(don't finger it) 2. Always pack tight enough it doesn't just pull through, but lose enough for air flow..maybe test pull before putting a lighter to it. 3. Clean piece's usually = a better over all hit. 4. If sharing with a friend always try to save some of the green by only burning half or quartering.
  16. thanks for the info, i don't know what "kief" means, sorry i just don't know a lot of the terms. last night i did break it up with my fingers and tried to pack it kind of tight. i do have issue with it getting in my mouth sometimes, not sure what i'm doing wrong there. i haven't cleaned the pipe yet but i've only used it a couple months. i haven't shared with anyone, just have some myself at night.
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  17. Kief is the mega fine particles that fall off the contains a higher concentration of thc (what makes you high)..grinders help capture more of it. As for it pullIng thru maybe leave a larger piece of weed to cover the hole first
    To act as a sort of screen.
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  18. thanks, i'll try that. i think i'm going to learn a lot here
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  19. i put a new screen in the pipe last night, no particles came through the mouth piece so that's good.

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