How to order cannabis seeds safely

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  1. I'm in the UK and I plan on ordering some seeds from this site, here's the seeds I'm ordering I heard police can have a warrant or something and track where you live if you buy seeds so I need to know how to order safely, I heard of using something like a temporary credit card, I'm also growing outdoors and using personally not dealing (maybe giving a couple of grams to my friend) yh so good stuff? Btw when is the earliest time I can plant my autos next year, thanks :smoke:
  2. I doubt a temp credit card is necessary man - will show up as 'accessories' or 'souveneers' probably, same as the other stuff they stock.
  3. Ahh thanks man I think I'm just being paranoid
  4. if you buy seeds you can use whatever method you want as you are not breaking any laws in the UK.
  5. I know its completely legal but I thought it would give police a warrant
  6. They will come to your house and anally rape you if you order seeds. It all part of it bro.

  7. No. They have to have a reason to suspect that you are doing something illegal with them to apply for a warrant. Basically unless they see you carrying loads of ballast, nutes and stuff into your house you are ok.

  8. Actually in the UK they merely pull your pants down and slap your bum a few times for being a very naughty boy.
  9. Cannabis seeds is enough of a reason, who buys cannabis seeds without any intention to grow :L
  10. I can't speak for the UK, but here in the states we can just order them freely, of course I order from attitude.

    But really, its not in a package that says cannabis seeds, its unlikely they'll know they're seeds, let alone cannabis.
  11. yh I think Ill order from them, did you get signed for deliveru?
  12. Nope it just comes like a regular letter, well my first and only did. I've got another on the way, should be here any day so I'll let you know about that if it comes in while this thread is still going.

    I'm not sure if adding things like a crush proof tin or shirts or whatever will make them put it in a different packaging, but for a couple seeds you shouldn't have to.

    If you feel you need to secure your internet tracks you could use Tor and a prepaid card (just make sure it works internationally) but you shouldn't need to, and if busted it won't help you get out of the cultivation charges.
  13. look, if you think Uncle Sam has time and resources to fuck you over cuz Customs found a pack of seeds. you're prolly too high strung to grow anyways.

    never have I heard of a grower getting busted cuz of a seed order. (helped trimmed my first crop in '81)
  14. Thanks man keep me updated please :smoke: if I use this prepaid card can anyone track my adress?

  15. Of course they can, they can also track where you are by your computer's use, the point is why would they?
    They aren't going to come looking for your seeds, your 'grow op' of a packet of seeds, so they can arrest and prosecute you using thousands of tax payers monies on a guy learning to grow weed...think it thru. You are one of millions.
  16. You almost make it sound as if the Us govt is rational :smoke:
  17. XD thanks ppl :D

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