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    image.jpg D86D5817-3391-4CC5-8B12-3BF8789AF662.jpeg Hi i was just wondering, woah growing is stressful as hell now I understand the prices that bit more lol

    Anyhow I’ve got a 1.5x1.5x200 and a 1x1x200

    In the 1.5 I’ve got the 600 hps, 9 plants, passive intake, 6inch in-line and carbon filter although it was only meant to be 6 so I’ll just veg them shorter there’s defo the space

    I was thinking with the 1x1m I was going to do 4 plants under 600 with 6 inch rvk silences inline and rhino pro filter but the test run temps just run too hot here in the summer at the moment,

    Would someone be able to suggest a way I could get a production line on the go? I’ve had murders with cuttings off people I don’t even want to go into lol
    So I was thinking is there a way I could get some normal seeds, pick out a female and use the 1m tent as a mother tent for 2 mothers and just get the clones myself ? I was hoping I could use the 1m tent with some sort of led lighting or low wattage hps due to temps and I could put a few cuttings in there until they went in the bigger tent

    Would much rather a safer led/t5 etc for the 1m tent 600 hps is overkill lol

    Many thanks

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  2. i am drunk and stoned as fuckkkkkkkk! i cant understand a damn thing you just typed above.
    please make shorter questions so we can understand.
  3. 2 options,

    1. Swap out your HPS for QB's
    2. Install intake fan, create negative pressure, also air conditioner.
  4. you can tey to add a co2 bucket qith help with heat

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  5. i use led becuase i feel like my hid is too hot especially for the summer

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  6. LEDs are great and much cooler !

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