How to obtain aderal

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  1. I have been wondering how I could get a prescription for aderal. I am a firm believer that I have ADD. I can never focus on anything, even if its entertaining. However when I take someone elses aderal I am very focused and determind to get things done. Usually I will start things and quit halfway and do it a week later. While having aderal through me Ill finish.

    So I am wondering what is the best thing I can say to a dr to get aderal?
  2. EW

    dont do it its a disgusting amphetamine

    smoke a sativa m8...
  3. Tell your doctor and schedule and appointment. When you go there he will test you somehow, I had to take a little survey and since I was still in school he gave me the same survey for my teachers to fill out.

    Then you take it back on depending on what you and your teachers said in the survey he should prescribe it to you... I didn't use to pay very good attention in class (damn ADD) so my teachers filled that out on the survey and I got the prescription pretty easily.

    At first I loved adderall, getting buzzed and doing really good in school... but now I cant stand it.

    I call it the social distortion drug because it turns you into a zombie man, you just chill there and do your work.. nothing else :(
  4. thats the best, chillin, just doing your work, and doing it right :smoking:

    I actually prefer ritalin over I the only one?
  5. Oh trust me I dont want to take aderal everyday. Just when I got work to do that I dont want to do. Ex. studying for a final. Like yesterday I painted my room and didnt stop once. I go to finish today without aderal and would stop every 15mins and get side tracked.
  6. no, me too...
  7. Yes, you are. :wave:

    Lol but for real, I was on ritalin for about a month and a half and it was the worst shit ever. I felt so fucking out of it, it turned you even more into a zombie than adderall ever did and it didnt really help me that much..

    BUT, I have heard its the better drug to get fucked up on...
  8. i hope so cuz i just bought a fistful of ritalin for finals. can't wait.

  9. i went and tried to obtain one for school.
    i am positive i have ADD.
    i go into a conference room in my dorm at 2 am to do my homework and i still cant focus, anything distracts me.

    you know what the doctor perscribed me....
    no shit, he told me to drink sodas.

  10. right back at ya

  11. Probably 'cause he's thinking "Those fucking students at ECU just wanna get fucked up." He probably wasn't taking you seriously.

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