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How to NOT piss off your dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MAN0NTHEM00N, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Nearly all of us have been a customer at some point in our smoking career, although many of us have had to resort to the black-market to "illegally" obtain it. This can be an experience without any problems or a handful of trouble, depending on who is selling the herb and who is buying it. From past experience I know what it's like to be on both sides of the situation, and I would like to give out some pointers :smoking:

    1. Never randomly just show up at your dude's house without telling him first... This is probably one of the worst things you can do in my opinion, especially if you're only buying a small amount like a gram. Now if you were stopping by to buy a QP then that's a different story haha, but really. Dealers have lives too, the last thing they want is people knocking on their door all day.

    2. Don't blow up their phone if they aren't responding... I can't tell you how many times I've taken a nap and woke up to 30 missed calls and 20 texts from so and so. Christ it's ganja, you aren't addicted to it or anything. If they don't pick up they are probably busy or they don't like you because you're annoying. It's a free market so you as a consumer can choose to take your money elsewhere if you aren't satisfied.

    3. Don't overstay your visit if you are going to pick up at their house. I'm fine with chilling for 15-30 minutes depending who you are, but staying for 2 hours on my couch with a blank look on your face is sure to make my blood boil, especially when I have other business to deal with.

    These are just a few bits of advice, they may not apply to everyone. Feel free to add any other suggestions
  2. Don't tell them you're gonna be where your meeting them in x amount of minutes if you don't think your gonna be there. I hate when someone says 'be there in 10' when it's a half hour.
  3. AGREED. I have a friend who is notorious for this. That's why whenever he tells me a time, I came up with an equation 2(mins)+20. Usually it comes out right lol.
  4. Don't buy a gram everyday. It's retarded and dealers would rather just sell you a quarter at the start of the week. plus then the dealer can re-up sooner and have different buds all the time. Plus you save the time to go make the deal. If it takes an hour each day to get a gram then you spent seven hours to get seven grams of weed when you could use one hour to get seven, or 14 or 28 or whatever
  5. this. like what the fricken fuck is wrong with your watch man
  6. Also if someone says I can meet you or you can come pick up in x amount of minutes or an hours don't sit and beg to get it sooner if I can get to you sooner then that I would.
  7. dont hit a guy up for a sac and then say "nevermind" when hes deliverin
  8. How about as a dealer to not piss off your buyers?
  9. Don't bring randoms around, don't wait for re-up then ask for a specific strain, the quarter is american currency but not for mass purchases, wipe yer damn shoes if it's muddy.
  10. Don't skimp, act nice, be around.
  11. Dont text them/facebook message thhem
    About pot

    Dont complain about the weed quality

    Dont act sketchy
  12. #12 Purple Dream, Jan 1, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2013
    don't buy a gram everyday?
    that's $70 my dealer is getting off of me in a week if i'm only buying $10 sacks.
    that's stupid as fuck if someone gets upset at that.
    i know i buy sacks like everyday.
    big deal. maybe i just want to buy a smaller bag so i don't smoke it all like i know i will.
    rather have weed everyday of the week than smoke it all in 2 days and be like fuck.

    also who says drug deals have to be complicated.
    i say can i stop by, my guy says yes, i ring the doorbell, he hands it to me, i hand him the money.
    and i'm gone.
    done in like 20 mins from the time i text him. sometimes like 15. hahah.

    if i get bad quality weed i'm going to complain about it. it's my money. i better get good product or you'll hear about your shit weed.

  13. Sounds easy enough :)
  14. it can all be reduced to clean and proficient business and conduct. personally I prefer the speediest methods that involve hardly any talking, if even.

  15. My dealer told me I probably wouldn't be able to get it until tomorrow, or later in the night, and I just replied, "I'd like to get it sooner, it's cool if I can't though." About an hour later we meet up and I've got some bomb buds.

    I think it's OK to do this, as long as you're polite about it.
  16. Yea just have to be polite. I've had people be like no I need it now like within the hour that pisses me off I usually pinch there bags if they do that haha.
  17. Don't forget to pay and then take 2 days to pay the 20 dollar back.
  18. How does one "forget" to pay? Not trying to start shit, but what?
  19. Start smoking a bowl and then they leave without paying. Maybe my dealer is just that good. :hello:
  20. 1. never sell no crack where you rest at, i don't care if they want an ounce tell em bounce

    2. well explained

    3. *points to rule #1*

    and some of my 2 cents
    - i cant stress this enough, have your fucking money ready. i cant stand when a person is going to meet somebody else, and they go to hand them the buds but the transaction is now delayed 5 minutes because the person has to go fumbling through their wallet and get their money ready

    -if you pick up from your dude on the regular, and he gets different types of shit all the time, dont fucking bitch if you dont like the batch. there are 2 ways to avoid this; A-stay sober because you cant find buds anywhere else, B-stay sober. the game of hustling comes with choices but to an extent, unless your man is getting it from the grower himself or somebody who has strains on strains on deck, then your not getting a choice to pick what you want. Simply deal with the bud he/she has now until the NEW batch comes in. you waiting for the new batch = the bud being sat on for longer = same stuff till the old goes .

    -when its night time, if you must go to a household or somewhere which requires to pull up somewhere in your vehicle, TURN your fucking headlights OFF... if you aren't going to do this you might as well go stand under a lamp post with a bag of drugs hanging out of your mouth. with your lights off, if people ARE watching in this case nobody can really see much and they have to struggle to see who is entering/leaving your car or coming up to your window. with the lights on its a straight fucking give away and its very annoying

    -dont call asking for something when you dont even have the money. for example...
    half ?
    cool well i only have like X amount can you do it fo- NO . if you know the prices dont pull this shit because in the end it results in time wasted and unnecessary conversation.

    -this ones pretty obvious but if your guy or girl is cool enough to spot you something bring the fucking money back, even if you told them last year you would get them and never did and its now a year later... bring the fucking money back that you said you would have. i should add here to not say youll have something at a certain time if your not going to, but if that is the case, get the cash either way ! this is a dick move to pull on your man and sometimes it doesnt end very well for the player if the victim is deranged enough...

    -dont go telling people who you get your shit from and giving numbers out. this is a big no no and i can guarantee it will get your man extremely heated and wanting to cut you off with no hesitation.

    -dont talk reckless on the phone! you may not give a fuck but if your man is holding a lot im sure he doesnt want you blatantly talking about whatever it is on the phone. use slang. be creative. this will be useful 100% of the time ..

    -when going to pick up, especially a large amount, dont bring your friend, his cousin and the whole fucking squad with you. your more likely to get pulled over in the car with a bunch of punks their hats to the back(exclude this if your friends arent hipsterkiddies) as to if you were alone driving

    -dont act like you have a certain amount then when the person goes to count their money there is 3 fucking dollars missing. yeah we get it its not a big deal, SAY IT THOUGH. even know its not that much this pisses a lot of people off..

    -dont ask 99 damn questions about the product. do you want it or not ? sure ask whats necessary but dont take it over the limit.

    all i can think of for now cheers happy new years :smoking:

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