How to Not Get Sick when drinking and smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by qed, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. okay, let me preface this--

    the first time i took bong hits (and they were FATTY) is when i was drunk out of my mind. this made me vomit, which of course is not something i like. i know this is probably just because of my first time hitting a bong and the excessive amount of alcohol, but i'm going to a party tonight which will involve a probably large amount of tequila shots and smoking. i don't want to get sick, but i'm not quite sure what to do to make the alcohol/weed not make me nauseous. one before the other maybe? which way?

    haha, just trying to make my night work. thanks in advance guys :cool:

    edit: im a good typist, really
  2. theres no way to get by it dude if your a light weight your a light weight, my advice is dont drink too much, weed never made me sick alone or with just a couple beers, shots

    but weed + too much alchi = the spins and puking
  3. KSR,your my hero.

    na but i don't know what to tell you dude weed is supposed to STOP vomiting.
  4. I used to get way to fucked up everytime I'd drink & smoke. It just takes getting used to.

    And I found smoking before drinking helped me out a lot. Didn't get sick or anything.
  5. Just chill otu and take normal hits, you dont have to rip it like a madman (although recomemded :D:D:D) if you take a normal hit ur still gonna get bent.

    Word :bongin:
  6. There's nothing worse than getting the spins when you're way too fucked up. The only advice I can give is to take it slow... smoke as much as you want, just don't drink quite as fast as you normally would. And having a good meal before you drink always makes for a better time.
  7. Ya know, Ive drank a good 12 pack + of normal beer like bud (drank natty nice and bull ice HG.)

    And smoked shit, Prolly a eighth or so today.

    Im straight.

    Gon kill a few more bowls and some more weed before i hit the sack.
  8. if i'm drunk n i smoke i get the spins, haha but if i'm drunk and on coke/xanax n smoke i'm fine, alcohol is the only drug that fucks with me, everything else u can pile it to the ceiling n i'll take it n still pass a field sobriety test haha
  9. If you're really drunk, don't smoke too much. If you're really high, don't drink too much. You have to balance it, if you don't you will get sick.
  10. Oh and cigarettes never help either when you're drunk... as tempting as it may be for some people to smoke cigarettes when they're drinking (myself included) it can trigger the spins/throwing up if you're pretty wasted.
  11. I agree.:smoking:
  12. I dunno about you guys, but smoking ITSELF is what keeps me from puking. As in I stopped drinking when I didnt have MJ cause I got sick too much without it. I feel much heathier when I'm drunk and blazed than just drunk, but then again, I have Crohns disease.
  13. Yea when I drink a lot and then smoke, it's fuckin bad news. I think I noticed that smoking first helps, but if you drink enough, I'm sure it'll be just as bad as the other way around.
  14. I strongly disagree with you... When I feel sick after a good night of smokin and drinkin the cigg definitely helps me calm down and just concentrate on smoking. Takes my mind off the nausea.

    Try to smoke before you drink, but like everyone else said don't drink an incredible amount and then smoke weed because you will most likely puke.

    Try to eat before you start partyin that always helps. :cool:
  15. These words are so true, alcohol is the only thing that hits me badly!

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