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How to not be annoying when you're ridiculously blazed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chronic Sense, May 26, 2009.

  1. So I've been smoking now for about two years. I've always known that sober folks get really annoyed when I'm really blazed. Recently I've been smoking a lot more at parties, thus I've been getting more and more messed up. How do I control myself so I don't seem so brain dead? I literally can't concentrate for a very long time, and my sentences come out all messed up. I don't drink alcohol, and very few of my friends ONLY smoke weed like I do.

    This is what's happening now: (me) :smoking: :confused::confused: (<-other people)
    What I want to happen: :cool::eek::eek:
    Ideal situation: :smoking::smoking::smoking:

    Yes, the easy answer would be to smoke less in more social events, but I throughly enjoy the free weed and the group setting.

    How do I check myself and make my brain function better whilst incredibly stoned?
  2. cool smileys
  3. I used to be in the same situation, but as I learned to coach myself, I easily solved the problem. My first step was to check myself every once in a while and see how I was acting. I would then tell myself (mentally of course, talking to yourself would just make you look even more blazed xD) that I was in control. You have to control the high, not let it control you. After practicing that a few sesh's in a row, I could easily stop myself from doing anything ridiculous or acting like a fool. Takes some patience, concentration and devotion.
  4. take in more information then you put other words, dont talk, listen. say things that have been thought out a minute longer then u think is long enough

    it will work wonders.
  5. Just act like yourself man.
  6. Best advice, really. Be yourself but in moderation.
  7. I would say smoke less if you're at a party like that. Just get a buzz so you can function rather than be baked out of your mind. But if you're looking to be stoned and still act normal, I'm not sure thats entirely possible lol. Maybe if you just really focus on calming down and do some deep breathing and stuff. But once again, still no idea. lol
  8. When people are annoying while high it's usually because they talk too much. If you find yourself rambling on about pointless shit, that's probably why. Im not saying be silent, but try to think about what you are going to say to people before you say it.

  9. I laughed at this...good shit
  10. i do the same damn thing lol. ill try to talk to somebody and its like i can think about what i should say but i cant say it. smileys are funny as hell! rofl +rep
  11. if your really that worried only talk when people talk to you and just relax but by two years one would think this wouldnt be a problem anymore haha
  12. You'd think! I used to only smoke with other people who were smoking, and then drink with other people who were drinking. I gave up drinking (best decision ever!), and parties have been different ever since.
  13. It doesn't help that I'm one of the only chick stoners...I look like the retarded girl haha.
  14. I was like this, but there was this one dick who always seemed to be around who would harass me endlessly for all my stoner mistakes...

    I hated him so much be he taught me how to blaze like the pros.

    I don't know if this can help you, but something I see is that when we take actions that make people feel bad (and therefor make you feel bad) we figure out pretty fast not to do them anywmore.

    Just make a little effort to control yourself and be the kind of person who people wanna chill with.

    Try some different strains, maybe you're just getting KO'd by some sick indica, and you need good sativa to stay functional while ripped.
  15. just get rid of the smiles.

    i use to be goofy when i was stoned but once i got control of the smiles i was all good
  16. Lisen just let it ride out, smoke with people that smoke as much as you... or smoke with someone that gets retarded high! "me"
  17. Just chill, there is no need to get all loud an obnoxious.
  18. just keep to yourself.
  19. yea it takes some practice to not lose your inhibitions but once you get it down youll be proud of how cool and relaxed you are when high.
    just think alot more than you normally do about what your gonna sy. and like some body said just listen alot more than you talk
  20. Just chill out and take control of teh situation, just learn to relax and not act stupid, and it was already said but think before you speak/act, but not TOO much or you will over analyze everything

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