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How to not be a bitch when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hugepeck, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Ok, one of my friends is hella cool, but he is bitchy and annoying when he smokes, to the point where i cant enjoy my high, is there a way to not be a bitch whern your high?
  2. ok well if ur gettin him high with ur weed stop gettin him high...
  3. yeah chill the fuck out and appreciate marywaaahnah
  4. define bitchy and annoying.
  5. :rolleyes: A little uncalled for.

    OP - Maybe mention it to him? Be like "Dude, why do you always get so testy when you get stoned?" Worst he can do is just shrug about it.
  6. lmao @ the threads in the apprentice tokers section...

  7. Tell him straight up to stop being a bitch when he is high, or let him know the way he acts when you guys are high ruins your high. If he doesn't respect what you say or keeps doing it stop smoking with him. This doesn't mean you can't be his friend just don't smoke with him.

  8. thats weird. Because whenever i smoke I cannnnnt like be an asshole or anything. It makes me mature and optimistic
  9. just give him a slap bit unusal tho normally when im high i like to chill the fuck out, not be a annoying little bitch
  10. just do something where he doesn't have to talk like eating or something and maybe soon he'll just stop talking so much and chill out
  11. I wanted to slap one of my friends last night. It's like he can't stop talking. And whenever he talks, he talks LOUDLY.
  12. ^you can't deal with it?
    sometimes when im BAAKKKEEDDD i go into random story telling mode and i'm loud as fuck
    i have good friends tho so they put up with it, and my buzz is substained.

  13. I do that shit too haha. As the story Im telling is getting better I start yelling more and more haha
  14. ^yea exactly i get fucking excited so i gotta put more emphesis on shit

  15. yeah and people start to lean in closer, yet everyone is getting fucking louder and we all get that gay smile on our face
  16. Just don't smoke with them. simple as that
  17. aahahahhaa man im so high and this convo is hilarious :D
    but yea i think you should just tell him he is annoying and be honest. thats what true friends do right?
  18. Kyon...lmao Haruhi no yuutsu.
    i thought i'll never see anime
    related thing on this forum.

  19. ME TOO! INTERNET FIVE!!! :smoking:

    How mature do I sound, eh? :cool:

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