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How to Never get caught smoking!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mrmarijuana, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Hey Grasscity! I know a lot of you always are wondering the best way to smoke and never get caught. There are many stealth guides out there but, im sure this one is the best! If you do this while smoking you will never get caught!

    Ok first the things you need:
    Marijuana (preferably dank and you can use hash or kief)
    Toking tool you can put in your pocket
    Deodorant (preferably spray deodorant such as axe or old spice)
    Eye Drops
    Gum, mints, or mouthwash

    Now what to do:
    Go Outside and smoke!
    Come back inside
    Spray deodorant on yourself and put on a clean shirt
    Put in eye drops
    Use mouthwash or chew gum or eat mints
    Wash your hands/face

    Use this guide and you will never get caught smoking! I don't know why people smoke inside and risk getting caught.
  2. You forgot to add: "hide"
  3. Best guide yet.
  4. ok billy mays
  5. not the best guide IMO

    im not even trying and i recommend...

    1) smoke outside

    2) blow smoke with direction of wind not against...

    3) brg extra sweater. once done smoking switch sweaters.

    4) put bit of scent over fingers. anything you got though best shit is like the alcohol that evaporates. axe will work, deadorant etc

    5)once you get in the house go wash your hands.

    6) if you're ognna be talking to someone then pop something in your mouth

    and ya lots of other shit but i did this in a min or two.

    basically dont smoke at oyur house. enjoy a low tolerance .. its fkn great.

    or tell your parents straight up

    my mom dont care causes shes used to the smell... just says to open window or spray. lol CHYEAAA ... she was soooooo against it
  6. i just smoke outside.
  7. Now, you say, "Lighter, matches, OR beeline," but I feel like if all you remembered was the beeline, and not a lighter or matches, you wouldn't get very far...Unless you're a wizard...or a dragon, I guess...but dragons don't go on message boards.
  8. u also forgot to put

    "wash hands"

    ^^ My hands reek of marijuana when im done smoking my L. I always wash my hands when im dont blazing.
  9. And boom here's some more info that will help. NEVER TAKE RISK THAT ISN'T NECESSARY always worked for me.

  10. Well, I have red hair... I could use my flamey hair to light that shit!
  11. If thats something you people can actually do, and you've all been keeping it a secret from me my whole life, im gonna be pissed.
  12. The true guide to never getting caught is to never smoke, but thats no fun.

    You can't predict what events are going to take place after you smoke so you cannot tell if you will or will not get caught.

  13. Prepare to be pissed my friend. :cool:
  14. if your over 18 chances are there isn't much of a need to "hide" it, last time i remember me or any of my friends hiding our weed or that we were baked was in high school, lots of people don't worry about having to smoke outside, getting caught by ur parents is generally something that people under 18 worry about, or people with no balls who cant stand up for themself

  15. Speaking for myself, I don't give a shit if my parents catch me smoking. I don't ever smoke inside of there house. My parents were big stoners when they were younger so they wouldn't really care.

    I noticed a lot of people have been asking how to not get caught smoking. This is how you do it. If you don't have to hide smoking good for you but, many people do want or have to hide smoking from there parents.

    If you can toke whenever you want wherever you want because you "have balls" thats great for you! Then this guide was not made for you.

    Happy Toking
  16. if you smoke enough, chances are you will get caught. there is no guide for NEVER getting caught because something can always go wrong- you never know.

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