How to never get caught smoking weed

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  1. How to smoke weed and never get caught
    Things you will need.
    1. A spoof which covers up the smell of the smoke. To make one all you have to do is get a toliet paper roll and stuff it
    full of dryer sheet (any kind works and around 5-10 dryer sheets, more the better.)
    2. A fan to blow the smoke outside.
    3. Somthing to freshen breath like gum, mints, ect.
    4. Roll up a towel and place it at the bottom of the door to block the smoke from going through (optional)
    5. Music so nobody heres the sound of you lighting your lighter.
    6. A little bit of air freshener (lot much because then if your parents come in they will suspect somthing.)
    Smoke away!
    Things you will need.
    1. Rolled up towel for the bottom of door.
    2. Somthing to freshen breath.
    When you get into your bathroom turn on the shower to the maximum tempertur so that it creates lots of steam. Put the rolled up towel
    by the door so that it covers the crack. Open your window. When your smoking blow the smoke outside (a little bit doesnt matter because the steam covers the smell).
    I would suggest taking a shower and using smelly body wash because it makes you nice and relaxed and it makes the bathroom smell like your body wash.
    You can spray some kind of air freshener or body spray if you wanted but its not neccisarry.
    All you need is gum or a breath mint or somthing for your breath and something to cover up the smell of the weed like body spray.
    **Visene is important too so that your eyes are not red. If you dont have you can get some or somthing like it for only 5-10$ a bottle.**
    Thanks for reading!
    Hope it helps.

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