how to move out?

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  1. how much do you think two people would need to save up to be able to get an apartment, just a general number rounded up. im 19 gona be 20 next month and i would like to move out before im 21 but im completely unfamiliar with the costs of living on on your own. My friend is also interested inn moving out and maybe one other. But we all have shitty jobs. minimum wage lol, so is it possible or would we need better jobs
  2. If you find the right place yes I had 2 friends working the same minimum wage job making payments but you have to learn to budget and make sure your roomie isn't a fucking nut job so that you get your money each month ones full time other just had I think 2 part time jobs
  3. ya right now my one friend is full time and im part but hes going to switching jobs in a couple months so im trying to find a better paying job so ill be able to match him. and my other friend is part time as well. We are all pretty smart with budgeting our money so i dont think thatll be a problem if we can afford the place. how do you go about looking for prices? should i just go to places or is there somewhere online?
  4. start looking shit up in your area because theres a good chance its going to be wildly different...

    I pay about 500 bucks a month including utilities (its actually less then 500 im rounding up)
    maybe another 200 dollars on food on top of that (roughly 50 a week ends up being a little more since i eat out)
    i spend another 200 on random shit aka going out/weed

    Thats about 900 or rounded up 1000 a month. I would want at least three months worth saved up in case i lose my job, so i dont end up with dept problems or no place to live... realistically it wouldnt take long to save this much... not sure about the states, but i can make $5000 pretty easily in 4 months of a full time, low wage job.

    things to keep in mind: im in a house with three other guys, an apartment (especially if its 'downtown') will be more expensive... also keep in mind im living in canada.
  5. Save all your money and stay home with your parents. You'll likely regret moving out on your own and using all of that money unless your parents are helping you with the rent. Or unless you will be making more money by being on your own.....

    It's really not worth all the money you'll be spending. You should have at least $2000 in the bank and a full-time job if you're going to move out. Even that is pushing it.
  6. hey man i would say first you gotta realize you are gonna be livin in a more lower end place obviously for awhile. search for places that are 1/4 or 1/3 of your monthly income that will be rent. then you have the rest for gas, unforseen charges, and always have at least like 500 in your bank, but you should have more at the very start...maybe 3 or 4 grand to start out with all the charges for getting shit hooked up these days. hope i helped
  7. Get food'd save your life ahahha

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