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How to meet/make Stoner Friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by craafty toker, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. I've been seeing alot of friends lately in apprentice tokers that are like "how to make friends" and "i never get invited to parties". So hopefully this thread will help you next time when you're new to smoking and want to know how to make stoner friends.

    1. Try to go to as many social events as you can

    Leave the house once in a while. Where there's people partying there's bound to be smokers. The more people see you at social events, the more people will want to get to know you. And when you're there, don't just sit on the couch and say nothing. Call the next game of beer pong. Ask if you can throw down on the next blunt. People like that.

    2. Know what you're talking about/ doing

    No body likes an experienced person to toke with. They sound dumb and can make you seem useless if you're like "Can you roll this joint for me? i don't know how." Chances are, if you roll a shitty joint and you're friend looks at it, you will both just laugh about it and he will roll it. Don't torch a bowl. It's stupid and makes people mad. Also, don't be like "Hey man, let's go get twenty bucks worth of reefer!!" Instead say, "Hey man, lets go pick a gram." Then there will be no question about what you want.

    3. Be chill

    No, i do not mean act like a downer in front of everyone. Don't be calling someone 10 times in a hour just because you want to get smoked up or to buy some weed. Call, leave a message for them to call you and then they will. Also don't be acting all crazy high when you only smoke like a bowl out of a bong. You can get crazy in special circumstances. Like if you a new friend are playing Call of Duty 5 Nazi Zombies and you're getting really into it, then you can yell and laugh really loud. Other than that, you're just making yourself look like a fool.

    4. Be straight up

    Don't lie just to make yourself look cool. It's stupid. Don't be like, "Yeah man, i have a four foot bong back at my place. You should come over and smoke sometime." Then when the kid does comeover, and theres no bong, you will look retarded. Also, don't act one way around one kid and act different around another kid. Chances are, if you're good friends, they will end up hanging out with you and you will look retarded and two-faced. Don't make things up just cause you think that it make you seem badass.

    5. Wait, and they will come

    Don't be walking up to everyone you think looks like a stoner and be like, "Check out my new piece man!!!" Just be chill and try to meet people when your out and about and then get there number. People will hang out with you if you wait and follow everything up there. Everyone makes friends eventually.

    I hope that helps you make new friends if you're new to the smoking game.:smoking:
  2. nice bro
    reppin it
  3. There's some people that just don't have trouble making friends and I don't see how you could when marijuana is involved. :smoking:
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  4. Alls you have to do is really ask someone you know who smokes, to maybe one day light up with you. If both of you guys like each other after this event, chances are, you'll probably light up with em again, or if your out, lets say at a pretty social place where you always see someone you know [like the super Wawa for me that has a park/skate park and some convient woods nearby, see someone, ask if they wanna light up. It's real easy. Just supply the weed the first time and have fun.
  5. I find that once you smoke with somone you form a vond that can't be formed in normal social situations.

    Toking up with somebody is special, so you tend to be friends wit someone you smoke with.

    Follow those rules (good job, +rep) and you'll be all G.

    In highschool I had like NO friends. I was wicked depressed and started smoking weed to sort of fix that...

    Now I'm happy cause I have so many friends.

    It just happens.

    Great guide, very useful.
  6. good post man +rep
  7. Hell yea dude. I was the exact same way, except I didn't start smoking until after high school. That is how I became friends with many of my friends. A life long acquaintance (known him since I was 5), ran into me after a football game, and asked if I wanted to smoke, I said yeah, and now we are pretty good friends, and hang out all the time.

    Sorry just felt like sharing.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  8. See now i have the opposite, i need a guide on making friends who ARE NOT stoners. hah
  9. Just go download smokesesh on the app store.
  10. i'm shy.
    like, painfully, awkwardly, retardedly shy.
    i would like nothing more than to have people over at my place, smoking, eating, watching shit on youtube or netflix... i'm even selling right now, so i'd love to help someone out there.
    when i go to events, nobody approaches me, and when i try to talk to people or make connections, i get forgotten about pretty fast.
    there's no socially acceptable way to let others know you're a fellow cannabis consumer.
  11. Nice tips man thanks!
    I don't go to parties because of my social anxiety but I would try to perhaps take couple puffs and go for it or just straight up gather the courage sober
    See some of Eliot Hulse's video on anxiety. I will almost guarantee, that you will lose your anxiety within a month if you apply the things he says i these videos. 
  13. Thread should have been appropriatly titled How to keep your new stoner friends.
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    Guys this was another one from 09. C'mon, get it together.

    Edit: The Op isn't even on the site anymore

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