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How To Mask The Smell Of Edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by n00dles, May 29, 2013.

  1. I want to take some to disneyland but im afraid; i live on the border so border patrol are tight when it comes to leaving the city. I was thinking like wrapping them in a couple plastic baggies & shove em into a jar of peanut butter or something...
  2. Have you ever thought of wrapping them up in saran wrap, throwing them into a Ziploc or whatevs, but then put them in oven bags that people use for keeping turkeys moist in the oven, around Thanksgiving? You can buy some oven bags meant for chicken too, year round. These tend to be thinner than the ones meant for a turkey though, and I at least ripped mine accidentally. The smell-proofing is a moot point of they're ripped. But around Thanksgiving, look for the thickest oven bags. 
    I don't guarantee that they wouldn't be discovered, but that's the best way I know to mask that beautiful smell.
  3. Last few times I made edibles there wasnt a smell at all, just of whatever I was cooking. I doubt a drug dog can smell THC in brownies, pretty sure they are trained to smell marijuana.

    IDK, I'm no expert, just all based on assumptions.

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