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How to make syrup? (question)

Discussion in 'General' started by korndog420, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know if you can make Syrup (aka Lean) with over the counter cough syrup such as Robitussin maxstrength? I know that it is normally made with Codiene/Promethazine but is it still possible to get fucked off over tha counter stuff?

    such as
  2. Wait, so do you want to make syrup from pills, or want to know what OTC sryups fuck you up when a blunt is dipped in it?
  3. no. :)
  4. Well, it will fuck you up.

    But not in a chillin, leanin, straight up relaxin way.

    More like a dissociative, what the fuck, trippy kinda way.
  5. lol it would be nice if you could explain how to make both!
  6. yea OTC cough syrups. be cause i know that Robitussin contains Detromephan (sp?) which is supposed to f you up too......or do any OTC syrups have codienE? (i doubt it)
  7. No codeine OTC in US. If you really have to go the OTC route your best bet is to trip off DXM. Make sure your syrup or pills have only DXM as the active ingredient (you could get very sick or die otherwise), and take around 350mg since it sounds you've no experience with the stuff. And i wouldn't reccomend mixing this stuff in sprite for the novelty of it, because it all tastes like shit and you're better off trying to down it all in one go and chasing it like mad. Oh yeah, don't take DXM if you are on any antidepressants or similar medication.
  8. okay say i was in a extremly "fiend" mood. could i just chug a bottle of robitussin and trip a little bit or will the other active ingrediants affect me too much
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    What kind of robo do you have? There are some that only have DXM and there are others that have tylenol and antihistamines etc.

    And I didnt say "Make sure your syrup or pills have only DXM as the active ingredient (you could get very sick or die otherwise)" for shits and giggles.
  10. none i was just going to go buy some robo max and trip on that along with a adequate consumption of marijuana :)
  11. dude your way better off drinkin the cough syrup straight up via chugging and plugging your nose, then wash it down with something good instead of taking something good and making a horrible drink that u have to drink alot more of .
  12. I used to love sippin the syyyrup but nowadays im so damn opiate tolerant the codeine wont even phase me, even in ridiculously high doses.
    but to answer your question, if you take enough, the dxm will fuck you up more...there 2 totally different drugs/highs, like its been said already ones a dissosiative and the other an opiate. in my parts, you either like dxm or hate it. its really a hit or miss drug.
    reminds me of a story though....
    back in maybe my senior yr of highschool this kid was all barred out from popping a few too many xanax bars. he was tellin people how he would pay 100 bucks for some "southern drank" and wanted to try it so bad.
    I ditched lunch, went out to my car, smoked a nice pipe, and went to the closest walgreens and got a bottle of delsym...i made a little concoction and he payed me 100 for a "fo" (four oz). i was like "yo i got that orange drank homie"
    he went home and did the robo walk and i went home and got baked off a bag i bought with his cash
  13. Yeah I've heard mixing alcohol with cough medicine does great things for your liver and heart.
  14. Hey but all the cool rappers do it and this kid obviously knows what he's doing

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