How To Make shatter With Alcohol?

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  1. LMAO why does everyone think if you use alcohol, you magically dont need to purge????
    where is your logic coming from? it still needs to be purged, and if you have a vac, use it. BHO or not, you should always try to vac your solvent extracts.

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  2. Right on Jimmy, I generally won't even make oil concentrates if I don't have a vac chamber on hand. :)
  3. every time i make QWISO it turns out as shatter
    how do i avoid this?
  4. why avoid shatter???
  5. not my preference in concentrates 
    i prefer something that will stick to the dabber quickly and something i dont have to break off  
  6. I have no issues getting it on the dabber. I laugh hard at people who complain at not being able to work with it, not hard to figure it out. If its like glass, break off bits and dunk it. I'd rather have shatter/pull-n-snap over wax anyday, I can get practically 100% of my dabs while with wax, theres always a residue left behind in whatever you're keeping it in and its hard as fuck to get those last bits. completely opposite for me
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  7. I wish my qwiso ended up as shatter. I always get left with loose hash which i dont mind because its versatile but some shatter would be nice.
  8. describe 'loose hash' :confused_2:
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  9. i dont like dunking 
    should i start a new thread on how to not make shatter or can you tell me?
  10. do you vac? theres an assload of information on making honeycomb, you dont need me to tell you
  11. All praise Jimmy Carter most helpful hash man on here ;)
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    All my QWISO runs turn to Shatter. I use a electric grddle while evaporating it in a glass dish at about 200 F for 2hours till the iso is gone than scrap it up and turn down the heat to 150f for another 2 hours and it seem to do the trick lol. About 10 seconds after i scrap it up with a razor it hard and shatters nicly. All my buddies who buy from the dispensiers cant get enough. After taste is a bit rough tasting for me but it gets you fucked.
    Just need to invest in a vacuum purger now.
    Some QWISO shatter from today from half a mason jar of trim.
    Got about 2 grams
    Got got to work on it being clearer . Pretty dark this run.
  13. The trick to get shatter is to use good starting isopropyl....super-dry weed.....swirl (don't shake) for 30 seconds or less....pour liquid through a strainer/coffee filters/strainer......pour the filtered liquid into a large Pyrex baking dish and allow to dry for at least 24 hrs. (I sometimes let in sit in the sun and the UV rays help to dry it out)....scrape up with plenty of clean single edge razor blades..
    I can get full-melt shatter consistency.
    The way it can go wrong is to not have quality, SUPER-dry weed...shake too long in the iso...don't allow to fully dry. Those mistakes will result in sticky, tar-like goo that's very dark and taste kinda harsh on the throat.
  14. i agree shatters the best to work with. once in a while ill whip my shatter to some budder to dunk. i love using no dabber just dunking
    I only use 99.9% iso
    There is a lot of nasty stuff left over if using anything lower. 
    If you are patient you can make some nice shatter out iso.
    You don't even need to worry about how long you soak the material.
    Place the green liquid in a sealable glass container put in the fridge until the liquid separates golden yellow will stay on top
    the chlorophyll and other garbage will settle to the bottom.
    Use a turkey baster to take out the golden yellow liquid without disturbing the bottom.
    I get very clear very dense shatter more so than bho extraction
    bho is faster though.
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  16. solid first post....wonder if this would be improved in the freezer...essentially winterizing?
  17. Whats wrong with leaving bud in a jar of everclear for a month and then evaporating the alcohol and then purging it? too much plant matter?
  18. Guessing he means like this qwiso I made last weekend ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1418295914.847164.jpg

  19. I wouldn't smoke extracted so much contaminants.

  20. i even freeze my metal stainer lol, doesn't stay super cold for that long but i like to think i did everything i possibly could to minimize plant matter being extracted
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