How To Make shatter With Alcohol?

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  1. Hi, I was wondering the other day if it would be possible to make "shatter" with alcohol? As in instead of making the oil first with butane use ISO or even everclear to make the oil instead to make shatter or even wax possibly without having to use butane?

  2. Simple. You just drink the alcohol,say FUCK IT and just smoke flower.
  3. I assume if your asking this you are familiar with making iso but  I'll explain anyway
    A air tight jar
    91% (or more)  iso alcohol
    unbleached coffee filters
    a fan
    Pyrex dish
    Freeze iso and bud overnight.
    Take the bud break them up slightly put them in jar then pour just enough iso to cover green then soak for 15 secs
    Drain buds through coffee filter letting iso drain into Pyrex dish 
    Allow  to sit in front of fan for 24 to 48 hours to evaporate fully 
    Then scrape what's left over from evaporate off of Pyrex dish if you used high quality materials it should be in a white yellowish powder 
    Then take powder put  in some parchment paper and press in between your hands the heat  melts it slightly and turns dark an  it should be shatter like if not keep pressing it
    Sorry that was a quick tutorial but that Is not the best or safest method just the easiest but works for me everytime
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  4. There are some GREAT iso/alcohal tutorials for making shatter;  shatter is nothing more than a consistancy though, it doesn't make it taste any better or hit any stronger.. BUT, it does make the concentrate much more dense in comparrison to a crumble.
  5. Exaclty, I want to make the consistency of the material more dense like glass or "Shatter" but instead of using BHO make oil with everclear or ISO like the above poster said. In my experience with ISO hash, it never came out dry but thats because I never left it out to evaporate intstead I heated at a steady temperature below its boiling point til it was almost all evaporated then left it sit as it cooled and it resembled more of oil then hard like hash. But is it possible to get iso hash oil or oil made with everclear to get to the consistency of Shatter?
  6. Sure, throw that ISO hash in the freezer for 10 min

    Voala! Shatter

  7. I mean more like the shatter form of BHO but with alcohol intstead, is that possible?
  8. Yeah but i can never comprehend how to do it. There are definitely ways to do it though and i know ive seen tutorials in the forums. Ask one of the guys in the isohead thread they make it.
  9. freeze the alcohol for at least 24 hours, freeze the nug for at least 5 hours. that's all i've done different in order to get shatter. when i don't freeze the nug but DO freeze the alcohol, i always get sap.
  10. Make iso 
    Press in between your hand in parchment paper and you will have shatter!!
    Assuming you made the iso right
  11. Shatter will aways be shatter and iso oil will always be iso oil,  Just because their viscosity is similar doesn't mean they are the same substance.
  12. How does pressing it together make shatter? Shatter is clear and pretty damn hard. Im pretty sure if you just put iso hash between slme parchment paper and pressed your just gonna end up with pressed hash. Shatter is supposed to be see through.
  13. Actually, they ARE the same substance. Once the solvent is evaporated, there SHOULD be no chemical difference in what is left. As far as texture....I think that has to do with the techniques used for extraction. I've seen people produce shatter from isopropyl/ethynol extraction...all about quality of material and technique.
  14. Try it!
    works for me
    Not as glass like as bho (because it's not bho it's iso) shatter but it's does snap and is Amber if not clear and melts to nothing  on the nail
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    But there is. Butane is polar, iso is semi polar/non-polar so they extract different compounds ;)
    Why only freeze buds for 5hr? freeze EVERYTHING for 24hr.
    Do everything invinciblejets said except use a metal strainer at the mouth of the jar to keep the buds from sitting in the coffee filter while it slowly filters. the alcohol is extracting much more chlorophyll if you let it sit in there. and dont use a fan, if you do, make sure its sucking the air away, not blowing on the dish. Cover your dish with some window screen or similar to keep debris out of it and definitely dont put a fan on it. let it evap without heat until the liquid is gone and then place on 100F heat for 2-4hr per gram of oil. keep your temps low to preserve terpenes and keep it shattery.
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  17. ^This is incredibly helpful.  I've taken more serious steps in making hash but just from what you've said here I could make it so much better.  Never froze it and before recently let the buds sit in the alcohol too long and always got a really dark green run that looks black when it's all balled up.  I hear a lot of people talk about purging their hash, is that something that would help improve Iso?  
    Luckily my latest batch is nice and golden, and quite potent, but I really want to make it as best I can since I'm just starting to get into dabbing. 
  18. You should always purge a solvent extract...unless your into inhaling nasty chemicals
  19. all differnet types of flavors
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    You can also achieve very nice shatter with a BHO run, even without a vac. Just put a small amount of iso or everclear in the bottom of the dish you're running into (hardly anything, enough to lightly coat the bottom) and then do your run as normal.
    The butane will evaporate pretty much instantly because of the alchol; and you're left with something you don't have to heat purge at all; just evap like typical alcohol hash. I found this was the best method for clean shatter-like product if you don't have a vacuum chamber.
    It sacrifices a bit of flavor as do all alcohol extractions it seems haha; nothing too noticeable though

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