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How to make Shatter out of a Glycerin-based tincture

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fergy, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. I have a really potent grape-flavoured Purple Kush tincture that was made for me by a friend, and I wanted to turn it into shatter. How do I go about doing this? It's already *super* potent, but I want to concentrate it even more and make it either into a wax or a shatter.

  2. do think about what you are asking...//

    now that you figured out it isn't possible, just enjoy the tincture.

  3. The freezing point of glycerin is about -36 the freezing point of ethanol is -114 I believe it could be done with dryice. Never done it but going to try.
  4. Just because its never been done does not make it impossible. Im not a big fan of the "flavours" that are being put into extracts. This "flavour fad" is nothing new orange juice has been faking the flavour and taste of oranges for decades.
  5. I'm very interested so me know how it works out

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  6. They have to flavor orange juice. At least as long as the government requires orange juice to be pasteurized. Literally removes all the flavor.
  7. I know why they do it. Im just saying this "new" fad is nothing new. Its a sales trick nothing more.
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  8. I will post more about my attempts to turn vape juice back into shatter. Might be bit before I have the need to go mad scientist though.

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