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how to make Pot suckers???

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by .HiGhGuY., Sep 16, 2007.

  1. what up. i'm looking for anyone that can give me a recipe to make pot suckers. i tried them for the first time a couple weeks ago when i went on vacation, i ate one at the airport made my 4 hour flight a lot better

    please someone hook me up with a recipe. i made bud brownies before, but i'm interested as to how to get the thc into the sucker? unlike making butter for cooking brownies or whatever else, you probably wouldn't be able to put the buds or mj plant matter right into the ingrediants to make the sucker cuz i know you gotta use corn syrup and it would be to thick, and to hard to get the leaves back out.
  2. Hmm... thats interesting. Never heard of weed in sucker form... you sure it was MJ? because I know a lot of opioids that are made as suckers.

    Kinda reminds me of that weed gumball thread lol.
  3. look up a recipe for hard candy, its generaly corn surup and some other basic stuff, youll need a candy thermometer, can get them at any major supermarket. then make some hash, hash oil works best. make the candy, mix in the hash oil after you boil the candy so as to keep the hash from getting to hot for to long, otherwise it will degrade the final product. make shure you mix it in well otherwise youll have some really good ones and some shitty ones..... drop some of the mixture onto parchment paper or some tinfoil, stick a popsicle stick in it, and tada! you got yourself some hash pops
  4. Im not trying to be dense but seriously, just eat some hash.

  5. a good hit of hash is always good, but i wouldn't want to eat it, probably tastes like ass.

    yes i'm sure, i bought some from a medical marijuana dispensary. they were good, i ate one at the airport :D i got fucking ripped, and it made my 4 hour flight a lot better.

    i did look up a recipe to make hard candy, the indgediants are water, sugar, and corn syrup. the problem is getting the thc into it. to disolve (extract) the thc out of the plant matter (buds, leaves, whatever) you have to use a substance that can absob it, water and sugar don't, thats why usually to make edibles, you use butter or oil, because the thc gets "trapped" in the fats in butter or oil. i'm not sure if thc can be "trapped" in corn syrup, but even if it can, it still wouldn't work because its to thick. which means after you dump in the plant matter and cook it for a while, you would not be able to filter out the "spent" plant matter, because corn syrup is too thick to dump through a coffe filter or whatever you use.

    as for using hash, i really really doubt that would work, because hash is a solid, and if you heated it up enough to turn it into a liquid or semi liquid, like the corn syrup, it would have gotten hot enough to burn off all the thc, which would make it useless. hash oil, would probably work, but that would be one funky ass tasting sucker, these ones i bought, tasted just like any ordinary sucker and were colored, but transparent, using hash oil, would probably give it a greenish/brown color
  6. why when you could eat a delicious sucker
  7. well if its really that difficult id suggest you just make brownies or cookies or something, airport aint gonna know the difference.

  8. yeah i know, the airport won't know the difference, its just that i would rather make suckers, cuz i've never made them before and because you can save a sucker for however long you want. i'm not gonna eat a whole pan of brownies before they get all hard and nasty.

    I found out how to make them. so if anyon else wants to know you have to use tincure a.k.a. alcohol with thc in it. then you take the recipe for plain old hard candy, water, sugar, corn syrup and substitute some of the water for some tincture... it took me a week, but i found out how to do it :D

    by the way....i just harvested my ICE CREAM grow, check it out. a link to the thread is in my signature
  9. I think the only way that would work that I have seen so far is hash oil. I don't know if that may hurt the consistency of the final product but I can't think of anything myself.
  10. what u could try but im not sure if it would work or taste good at all is make the hash oil that u would use in your brownies or cakes etc. and freeze it in ice treys in your freezer and put tooth picks in it. just an idea
  11. ... I wanted to add the ones I get from the dispensary are pretty weak generally so I would love to learn how to make hard candy on my own as well. I know the ones that I LOVE from the dispensary are lozengenes and they are made from THC enfused olive oil. Some day when I have the extra time, I will find it all out and do it myself.
  12. I bet if you just made some kief, you could make the candy mixed with hash oil and then when the candy starts to dry and form you should dip it in some kief, Mabey put another layer over it. I doubt it will work.
  13. Apply a liquid tincture of cannabis to the outside of a lollipop. Viola.
  14. The Stoner's Cookbook

    Butterscotch Space Pops - The Stoner's Cookbook

    the 2nd link is the lollipop recipe.

    I love making them with rootbeer flavor.

    But you need to make cannabis tincture first. I do my tincture in a quart size Ball jar with a whole bottle of 151 rum and about 1.25-1.5 oz of good bud, for 2 months, then strain out the bud with strainer and coffee filter, leave the lid off for 3-5 days to evap down some of the alcohol, then it's plenty strong to withstand the candy making process.

    It's a very nice high!
  16. how medicated do they get you? haha im for sure tryin this out
  17. Click the first link in my first post, people say they were gone for hours.
  18. those recipe's that Tonymon posted are weird, i've never seen a hard candy/sucker recipe for cannapops, or otherwise that use vineger or butter (cannabutter or otherwise). wouldn't think that the butter would mix real well, with the other ingrediants....I've heard of using Tincture to get the THC in. Tincture=alcohol with THC in it, and would mix much better in the hard candy recipe than butter. Also, whats with the vineger??? I can't come up with any logical reason to have that.... if you google "hard candy recipe" none of them call for vineger.
  19. theres a youtube video that shows a woman ( marjorie's candies) and she makes butterscotch candies and suckers. the recipe calls for 1 stick of butter so if you make cannabutter you can make the suckers with no problem! and who doesnt love butterscotch??? she brings the temp up too 300 degrees when making the candy so i dont know if that'll hurt the thc or not..
  20. The last reply to this thread, was around 2 years ago. :)

    But if you're curious how to make hard canna candy for lollipops, without degrading your potency, check out the 'stickied' threads at the top of this section of the forum (the threads, always 'stuck' to the top).
    One of the first recipes mentioned, is for canna candy :)

    (A few photo excerpts from the tutorial...)






    Have fun! :)

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