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How to make money with money?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DrLeonardHofstadter, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. The title might not have made sense lol. I recently got a little over $500. Is there a good way I could take that $500 bucks and somehow flip it and make like $550 bucks, then 600, and so on? I dont really have any living expenses, so I usually just end up blowing what money I get, and I want to do something different now
  2. Exchange your money for Rupees.

    Move to India,

    Live like a king.
  3. You could make loans to people & charge them interest on the loan amount. Not a quick way to make money though (and it could be risky, depending on who you loan money to).

    If you figure out some way to make money just from having money, please share! I could use some extra money ;)
  4. use your money to get drugs to get more money
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    invest your money in something. buy low sell high. simple.
  6. I was sorta thinking more along the lines of legal stuff, but I might be able to work out something thats not so legal, I just dont know if it'd be worth worrying about cops
  7. Buy stock. Can't believe no one has said this yet
  8. People that are making money with money have a lot of money to begin with, you can definitely make something with $500 but it'll take some thinking and is probably only good for practicing entrepreneurship or something
  9. Be kinda like that guy who traded people for stuff, increasing in value, until he got a car.
  10. [quote name='"hhbhagat1417"']Be kinda like that guy who traded people for stuff, increasing in value, until he got a car.[/quote]

    He started with a giant red paperclip
  11. buy a couple Oz of silver and sit on it

    where are you? buy a lawnmower or snow blower and start a tiny biz
  12. ^Yeah silver is probably what I would buy.

    With the numbers you threw out my friend did something similar.
    He bought one (yes one) share of google for $500 something and sold it a couple weeks later and made around $50. When the price dips again he'll by more and do the same.

    It's called short term or day trading. Look into it. Can be risky but can also pay off.
  13. Just looked into that. Prices have gone down by 50% in the last year. Not a good sign
  14. Watch the show Mad Money and "do your homework"
  15. Do not take the advice of these people lol. Never invest in a market that you do not fully understand.
  16. prices for what?

    Buy low sell high my friend:cool:
  17. Silver is always a good option.
  18. lol, nonsense. he bought 1 stock and made 50 bucks off it? so the google stock went up 50 bucks after he bought it within a few weeks?

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