How to make hash out of a plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PurpHazey, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. ;) theres a hash making sticky under seasonal tokers
  2. Plenty of methods.

    -you can only make hash from the crystal(trichome/kif) on the weed.
    -you will only recieve 10% of the weight in leaf/bud
    -you will need some sort of mesh or a coffee grinder to seperate the crystals
    -you will need some cellophane(plastic on cigarette pack) or a metal press
    -and finally a piece of glass/mirror.

    How much trim do you have and how much time/money do you have to put in to this?

    You can buy a steel coffee filter for $3, works great.

    You can also build a tumbler if you want to do larger runs.

    And if you just want to know how to make a piece of hash then use the cellophane to press it togeather that way you dont lose any to your fingers.

    If you add a little detail to your question I can answer it better.
  3. There are two links in my sig to hash-making methods...

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