How To Make Friends?

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  1. yeah yeah I've got plenty of friends but I want a NEW SPECIFIC friend and we're co workers and friends and he is so cool and just interesting you know. I'm in a relationship with my bf, he's in a relationship with his gf, but I just want him to be a good friend of mine because he's fun to be around. We're super cool work friends right now, but how do I make ?
    The other night I asked him to smoke after work
    he had plans and he doesnt care to smoke when he drives
    but then he texted me back later inviting me to hookah with his friends
    I wasn't able to make it
    but nothing yet has happened anymore and its sad
    and it's so damn complicated because I don't want him to think I'm,,, INTO him, ya know
    but yeah.
    probably overthinking this tokin' too much

  2. I was all primed to come in here with a sarcastic response, but this thread wasn't what I thought it was going to be.
    Why don't you go out on a double-date with your significant others? That way everyone gets included. Do dinner and a show or something, or just go out for drinks. That way there is no question of ulterior motives. Otherwise, just invite him for a toke again. "Dude, since you totally bailed last time, want to have a smoke after work?"
    Easy peasy.
  3. you could also after every sentence say "Don't get the wrong idea,it's not like I'm into you or anything."
  4. It kinda sounds like you're a little into him OP, just the way you are obsessing about him in your post.

    But aside from my hunch, just make plans to do something! As for not wanting him to think you are into him, you need to come out and say it and set that boundry. A lot of women expect us men to be able to read your minds (like my girlfriend :rolleyes: ) and most men can't read body language very well or not at all which is usually the reasons for most communication problems between men & women.

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