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How to Make an Apple Pipe Video

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by boybraniac, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Fun little video I made! :)

    [ame=""]YouTube - How to Make an Apple Pipe[/ame]
  2. Haha, nice video. It's clear and simple.

    + repped!
  3. Oh, Apple Pipe, the good ol days.
  4. OMG! last year at a party, my bro made one of these for me. someone passed me a crumpled napkin at the party, didn't have anything to smoke it with, was about to use an empty can, then my bro said wait! I have an apple. Sweet ass shit... shared it all nite long! LMAO
  5. forgot the shotgun, or carb.....whatever you call it.
  6. Exact same method i use too. I use a bic pen, then take it apart. Use the ink container to make the bowl hole. The the actual tube for the camber tube. Then i always make a carb with the pen tube.

  7. I never make one for these. The inside cavity is too small for a carb to really make a difference in my opinion.
  8. Great Music! I dig the alto
  9. You can hit it much harder by taking your finger on and off the carb real fast....
  10. My Brother didn't put a carb on it, and I can tell you, we passed that bitch around for over 3 hours, between about 10 people, and we were all so lit, "some" of us couldn't stand up. (Yes I am refferring to myself) LMAO, He did however take a paring knife, and at an angle, made a larger bowl. We only had one apple, so we didn't have "bowl" sizes to choose from.
    It's pretty bad, when you go to the grocery store now, and first look at the quality of the apple before buying, but also look to see if the "bowl" size will work or not. LMAO ((;) those of you who have not smoked out of an apple, the "Bowl" size is how big the top dip in the apple is, after removing stem. ))
  11. I remember using one of those before, I was never able to eat it after...
    Nice guide, it can really help out if your in a tight spot with nothing to bun out of.

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