How to make a water bottle bong.

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  1. I've found an easy way to make a simple bong that is easy to dispose of and takes seconds to make.

    The first picture shows what is needed: a plastic water bottle, a pencil and 2 bendy straws (the bending makes it much easier to use).

    Once you have the pieces drink a couple inches of water.(see second picture) the more you drink the hotter it will be but the less likely you are to drink the bong water once you start smoking.

    Use the pencil to make two small holes (picture 3)

    Widen the hole enough to insert one straw then the other. The picture four you can see my pipe stem which I used to make pull the straw through

    Once you have both straws through cut one so only .5 inches is left under the cap. (picture 5)

    Screw cap back on to the bottle and insert pipe stem into the long straw and pack it and spark it and toke away!

    Feed back is always welcome, and at some point I may a how-to on making a pipe similar to mine which will fit the bong, though a foil bowl would work as long as it isn't lit continuously as it will melt the straw.

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  2. thats a horrible idea. why would you use plastic straws. i had a glass bubb simler in design though.
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    Because my wood pipe's stem fits perfectly inside them and it's long enough that the air (smoke) is cool enough not to melt or burn the plastic, it's not meant for repeat use, it's a smoke and drop rig, do you know what type of metal pipe I should use for it instead? I know many metals give off fumes when heated
  4. Also do you think it would be worth while to daisy chain a couple together for a 4 or 5 stage water filter?

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