how to make a lasting vaporizer!

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  1. To make this was fairly simple.


    a thick glass tube or bottle with a cap. (any bottle would work,)
    A cap from a dish soap bottle. ( Make sure its the push pull type cap)
    Small air tube ( plastic tube from a WD-40 can work)
    Glue (Silicon or rubber)

    Step 1 both caps will be glued together with a air tube attached. If the bottle cap is larger then than the soap cap, you can use tape.

    Drill a large enough hole in the cap from your bottle to allow air to the nipple. You want air to pass through both caps.

    With both caps on top of each other, drill a hole through each cap for the air tube.
    Glue and assemble both caps with the air tube. Allow the glue to dry before use. If not, the caps will pull apart .

    The bread bag and with the open end put a semi (very semi) tight rubber band around it. You can glue the plastic back if you like.

    How you use it:
    Put the bag over the nipple and suck the air out.
    Load the tube and put the cap on it. Apply heat and when you see it starting to smoke, lightly blow through the air tube. As you do this you're filling the bread bag with lovely smoke…
    Now you unscrew the cap a take a puff. You can push the nipple to close it
    Hope you enjoyed….
    Be cool!

    Edited after smoking, so no comments about grammar please!

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  2. how do you appply heat
  3. I just used a lighter. I was able to hold the tube while heating it. no heat issues from the glass. I was really amazed how well this worked.
  4. This sir, is an AMAZING idea.
  5. Well done. I don't really understand it but I think if I were to take a look at the pictures it would all make sense. Great job, looks much better than those little crack pipes made out of a light bulb :p


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