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How To Light A Joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alexstartsagain, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I don't know why, but I've been experiencing a lot of runs on my joints lately.  My friend has told me it's because of the way I spark it.  Can someone please explain the perfect way to light a joint, so it has a 0% chance of running?

  2. it has to do with how you're rolling your joint, not how you're
    lighting it...
  3. Light the very end tip away of you with the side of the flame
  4. I find that when I light with my hempwick it burns evenly vs a straight light. And I use a roller machine so idk if that helps too.
  5. I already do this.  Apparently I just roll like shit.
  6. Light it while you are twisting the joint so all sides are being lit. If you see a run starting put a little saliva/water on your finger and give it a small wipe to slow the burning in that particular area. The moisture will dry out quickly, so you dont have to worry about it not burning. Maybe your joints are rolled inconsistent so one part burns quicker than the other.
  7. runs are always roll related, the cherry is burning what was rolled in whatever shape/form...whats yer method?
  8. They aren't always rolling related. I smoked one the other day I hit to hard when I wasn't paying attention and got a huge run. The bud was really dry but I know for a fact I rolled it perfect. No lips, flips or bumps. Usually it is rolling related though. Don't break the bud as fine as you can either little chunks is fine.

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