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how to know when weed is used up in dry herb vape?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Deleted member 979069, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. bought this budget vaporizer called herbva x . It features conduction and convection depending on preference. i love it so far. the vape turns off every 3 mins due to safety. I use it at highest temp always which 435F and it never combusts. I'm wondering how to know when the bud is used up? i used the same bowl for like 3 of those 3 min sessions and at the last session it ended up tasting bitter with little vapor. Am i supposed to dump the bowl after each session and refill?
  2. temp to high for me.
    when it starts to taste bad it's done
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  3. EEB3C4B0-202B-42E2-8D88-7E0CC5B4C94B.jpeg
    C3F4CAC5-ABE6-4EBF-BAB6-BD90C60B03C3.jpeg Might as well go back to a lighter and pipe if ur usin it at those temps, unless it won’t produce vapor any other way. With vaporizers ya get what ya pay for remember that.
    Every strain has terpenes in it figure out the terpenes and vape at a set temp and you feel the medical effects of cannabis
  4. i want to reap the full benefits so i use the highest temp and i was so high lol. since im using the highest temp should i just dump the bowl after every 3 min session? each bowls like 0.2. i notice it gets brown
  5. i want the strongest high possible, but even at highest temperature its pure vapor
  6. When you do dump it, save it. You can make butter or oil.

  7. The product will turn orange/brown I’d save it all and make edibles out of it later
  8. I also love this unit so far, no complaints.

    the way I do it is a small amount first session, not tightly packed. I will then remove the dried herb and crush the dried brown herb flat with a guitar pick, then repack that powdery mix back into the chamber for another toke.

    During that second session when the flavour starts to taste burnt and feels like I'm breathing in mostly air I empty the ABV (Already Been Vaped) into a container for collection.

    The ABV is decarboxylated so it can then be used in cooking, adding to soups, etc. Of course the darker it is the less potent it will be. I love this method, you get two hits from one. Here's a guide to ABV:

    The Ultimate Guide To Already Been Vaped (ABV) Cannabis | Vapor Blog UK


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