How to know that seeds are ready?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dido, May 4, 2016.

  1. Hi good people..
    when I plant for seeds... how to know that seads are ready and i can harvest??
    and shall i do anything special after harvesting or i go on with curing in the normal way?

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  2. Wow. That is an intense inquiry. I would say you need to Google when to harvest cannabis. Every plant is different, but the pistils and the trichomes will be your guide.

    After that look up trimming, drying and curing. There are many methods for each. You'll have to pick from many options.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  3. Hi. Totally agree wi mook2707.. also... u need to research how ya going to get from seed through 3/4mnth or so till ya can actually harvest. ya need to no if ya going to do siol or hydro etc. Wen to veg to flip etc nutes etc ph tds etc etc etc... its not that hard but takes practice sometimes but ya need to know the inbetween plantin a seed to been able to harvest. Good posts/forums on ere love or google. Good luck love happy growing xxxxx
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  4. I know all that my good friends :) been studying and reading about it for ages and had a couple of harvests before...
    but i was always planting females ....
    Im talking here about the "seed collection"... i want to get some seeds this time from the strain im planting...
    do i just go on with my harvest in the normal way and collect the seeds for next planting after normal curing or i need to follow other steps?
    will the seeds be good and ready when i harvest in the normal timings or i have to wait for more??
    thats what i was asking about ;-)

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  5. Hi d
    ido . Sorry love. I miss understood before. Not sure as never grown males to pollenate females. I av done it once yrs ago by accident but never purposely. Wen i hung the plants to dry etc i then took a few seeds then. Never got to plant em as ad other options and did not want to go through the process off a male accidently pollinating and ruining a crop again.....
    av ya thought of just taking a clone form a female if the strain ya want to keep? . Much easier and the clones are clones with same genetics as the female ya take it from... wood this be better as will save mnths of growing to get seeds of the same plant ya could take many clones?.... hope i understand this time love.... good luck live and happy growing xxxx
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  6. Seeds take about 5 weeks to form after polination, you should almost be able to see them splitting open the calyx once they're nice and ripe should be brown not white/tan and hard when you squeeze. Cure and everything that comes after harvest is the same, you can pick the seeds out after its dry before you cure or after doesn't matter seeds will last forever once dried.
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  7. You can plant fresh seeds but I have read that fresh seeds need to be dried to up viability.
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