How to know if the shy/quiet type is into you and how to get em

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  1. So I have a thing for this girl who is a bit of the quiet/shy type. We're friends but I can sense that there's a tiny something there....but I'm so unsure because it's hard to read someone who doesn't flirt that much, 'cause they're shy. Has anyone else experienced someone like this? How'd you get 'em? :)
  2. Just hang with her and kinda tell her you enjoy hanging out with her and after you hang out more pop the question.
    It's not too hard,especially if she's shy,which means she's probably unexperienced with guys compared to most girls.
  3. *bump*
    More on this please blades :D
  4. ....ask her?
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    Yeah buy no-one wants to blow it completely by coming on too strong.
    sheesh rookie error :p

  6. k, enjoy trying to read her mind in stead of knowing for sure then.
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    Well that's just the point isn't it...
  8. Direct approach is the best. It wastes less time.
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  10. Hang out with her twice and see if she opens up any. By the end of the second, no dice, ask to meet her friends, lol.
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    The rape approach is even more efficient :)


    But,in my experience its always in the eyes.

    I don't know how to explain this,its just in the eyes.

    The way they look at you,the way she laughs at your jokes,I mean there's just so many things.

    I guess experience is required here friend,do like nike and just do it :)
  12. You had me agreeing until you said jk.
    JK....maybe :D

  13. when do u rape her bro
  14. The key to shy girls is to get them talking about shit they're really interested in. As is the case with most women, themselves is their favorite topic. I always find it kind of funny that you find a girl that's super shy and quiet and you get her talking about herself and you have trouble getting her to shut up.
  15. [quote name='"[[jamminout']]"]

    when do u rape her bro[/quote]

    As soon as you get her alone and have prepared an alibi.

    Don't forget the shovel..

  16. ask to hang out... if you're at that point and you can safely say you think she likes you, then go for it.

    whats the worse that could happen? maybe dont be aggressive when coming on, don't like touch her ass or anything. but if you're watching a movie get close to her cuddle, someshit.

    i dated a shy girl so i remember how it first started. im quite shy myself though :3
  17. Girl's hormones rage more than guys, so always know that she is more horny than you are. Don't let the shyness cover it up... she's just nervous.
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    Girls are hornier than guys?!? How is that even possible? haha
  19. They might not show it because they care too much about their social image, but trust me dood they are. Especially when they are on their period... this is the ideal time to tease them.
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    Well, you learn something everyday...

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