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How to keep from diluting urine

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by xxOgkushxx, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Alright im on probation nd i have to go thru this drug counsling/rehab class its 3 months long. they test me everyweek. im compltetly clean have nothing to hide. but i just cant pee when someone tells me to. so last week i chugged 10 cups of water before the session nd the test came back as diluted so thats the same as if i was dirty. this week i chugged 4 cups of water. but i still couldnt pee. i stayed after an hour nd still couldnt pee. and i got kicked out and was told by my counsler what im doing is very suspicious and since everyone leaving i need to leave and that itll count positive. they report these to my PO. i hope i dont violate for that. but either way. anyone kno of a way. i see my po on monday nd ima explain to her what happend how i cudnt drop last week nd didnt kno about diltution the week before nd ask her to test me

  2. drink 16oz of water from 4- 3 hours before test, from 3  to 2 drink another 16, from 2 to 1 drink 8, 1 to test drink 4 to 8  

    Thats my best idea, if youre gonna pass just dont dilute youself , if you have to just take forever to pee, better then getting a dilute
  3. i got kicked out since everyone left...they said they cudnt leave me there without staff. which is understandable. but its sill bullshit they count it as positive. nd yea ima try that
    start drinking wayy before i go in nd not much nd if i have to go before ill hold it in. 
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    ok, you say you are in fact clean, but pissing on cue is a problem even if you try to force it by drinking water ahead of time...if you are clean, have abstained, then you can offer the po a blood test each week instead.
    got hair, offer them hair to test, they can tell how far back it was since you last sampled any drug if your hair is long enough.
    if you offer them other samples to use and they refuse, no judge would accept that as evidence of you violating probation. if they accept and you are clean, you have a solution for the term of probation...good luck
  5. Instead of chugging right before, drink throughout the day without worrying specifically about that one pee  You'll probably have to pee before you go to the test place, but don't, hold it and you'll have to piss like crazy for the test.
  6. I heard something about drinking a few liters of cranberries, is that true?
  7. Dilution happens when you drink a lot and also when you pee often outside of that situation.
    Are you able to change the time of day you drop, cause that might help with the urge to go.
    I think mouth samples might be a better option for you, if they let you.
  8. i offerd nd asked if they can do a blood or oral test. they said no. it wasnt the P.o requesting the drug test is was the drug counsling place. i wen with kiaser since i have health insurance there. i had the issue before but they were fucken dicks about it like this time. they just told me well just test u next week dont worry about it. the lady testing tonight was a itch nd said ur acting suspiscious if u dont test well count it as a positive. so i said ill sit and wait i waited till the place closed nd they kiked me out. i even drank 3 tiny cups of water there but it did nothing. they report the drug tests to my PO. next time ill just drik throughout the day nd hold it till im tested and on monday when i see my PO ill explain what happend nd ask to be tested. i think if i tell her before they tell do shell be more understanding and see i have nothing to hide.
  9. i havent had the issue of not being able to drop with my PO yet. just this program but they report the tests back to the PO which can cause violation. i asked to do oral and they told me since theres no lab there all they do is piss tests. ima just be honest with my po on what happend monday when i check in with her and hopefully she wont mind when since ima ask her to test me
  10. I honestly think that's a brilliant idea man.
  11. Ya I'd say drink water a while before and just hold your pee for a couple hours and you'll def be able to go
  12. i was in the same boat my friend you'll get used to it after a while. i pretty much just held it until i had to pee so bad nothing could stop me from doing my business. shit id piss in the cup then finish in the toilet then walk to the public toilet and go again haha.

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