How to introduce new plants with mites, to clean room.

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  1. If you were to acquire some new plants that had symptoms of spider mites, how fast could you bring them into your room.

    Would one night in a seperate room with no ventilation, next to a no-pest strip and well coated in your favorite mite-spray do the trick?
  2. I personally wouldn't even risk it, but you could use neem and hope for the best
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    No. Spider mites are generally not airborne, so that wouldn't be an effective way of removing them from your plants.

    I'll tell you what IS effective though. Einstein Oil. It's neem oil, only it's cold extracted as opposed to heat extracted. To my knowledge, all other neem oil products for mites are heat extracted.

    Here's why that's good. The heat extraction process makes the oils extracted from the neem seeds less potent. Cold extraction = more potent.

    I used it on my plants for 2 weeks, once every 3 days. Never seen a mite since. They were pretty bad too.. They were actually gone after the 2nd application, but I continued using it anyway just to be sure no eggs survived.
  4. If they are still relatively small, then you can use what plugged said & use Neem Oil. Just mix it up with water accordingly to the label, & put it in a deep bucket. Take the plants & plunge them in & out of the mixture a few times, & allow to soak for 30-45 seconds.

    It will kill all mites & more importantly, the eggs.

    Be warned though, if you live in a warmer climate, you might always be battling mites. I have been growing over 6 yrs. & I always have to battle mites in the spring & summer.

    Heat can make mites proliferate thing you know, your plants have webs on them.

    Just treat em' with the neem oil, & keep your eye on em'.
  5. I am in a pretty warm area. 85-105F daily :-/. Consider ~4-5ft ready to flower plants
  6. mites are a bitch to knock out. I wouldnt bring any mite infested plant into my grow area. thats just me though.

  7. Mites are only a problem if you don't treat the problem properly.

  8. yeh same here.
  9. The strain I am growing now is Soma A+, & it is so spider mite resistant, that even if I do get mites, they won't come close to the bud.

    It is so resin coated, & sticky, it acts as a natural defense mechanism. I have even gotten several eye infections from manicuring my buds, & then rubbing my eye.

    If it is a good strain though, I wouldn't let a few mites deter me.

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