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how to intensify mushroom trip

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by justrollablunt, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. im planning on tripping some mushrooms tonihgt(1/2 eighth)
    and i want to trip as hard as i can
    ive heard drinking orange juice will intensify also uhh like chewing them up and taking them like chewing tobacco.\any help appreciated
  2. drink orange juice or take some vitamin c
  3. Just know that it's not a toy and it's in no way cool to trip. And once you take it, there's no going back. Only time can help you at that point. Make sure you're with friends you can trust and that won't mess with you. I've heard smoking weed can intensify a trip but I've never tried mushrooms with weed, just boomers by themselves. Good luck.

  4. Dude, he's only taking a half-eighth. I doubt he has much to worry about...

    But to the OP, drink some orange juice and take them on a completly empty stomach (the less you eat today the harder you'll trip). Smoke a jay when you peak, maybe a couple shots too.
  5. Know that smoking weed under the influence of mushrooms can sometimes mess with your short term memory
    while you're tripping
  6. Lemon tek
  7. I agree with what Cali said, but weed in general messes with your short term memory alone.

    I love shrooms, and after waiting about forty five minutes for them to set in (it usually takes an hour at least) smoking a bowl was the best thing we ever did. I also make sure that I eat them on an empty stomach. I think I read that you have to go about two - four hours without eating for it to empty.

    It was the best trip ever and honestly, changed my life.

    ETA: I chew them up really good too, they taste like ass, but it's worth it.
  8. drink some o.j. and take vitamins c like dude said.......also you could fast for the day....and that would really help a lot......

    lol, i took an 8th my first time....and i was like in a death time portal.....the clocked ticked backwards, and ozzy osborne was replaying over and over on a country station.....have fun bro:smoking:
  9. I heard eating amanita muscarias in combination leads to a much intensified trip, never tried it though.

    Edit: I also heard that taking vitamin c is a waste of time, but then I am only repeating something I haven't a clue where I heard it.
  10. Gross, Muscaria are nasty, taken with or without psilocybe/

  11. a. muscarias are more of a fucked up drunkness........and they are poison
  12. what did you think the cubensis ones were?
  13. haha.....yea...you're right....but ive hear worse things about a. muscaria....then psilocybe cubensis......but you're right......i love those cubes though
  14. Where do people get this vitamin C potentiating a mushroom trip come from? I'm sorry but that just isn't the case.

    As for intensifying a trip? Smoke lots of weed? Take nitrous hits? Those are about your only two options for making a mushrooms trip stronger besides soaking mushroom powder in lemon juice.

  15. Go on..

  16. youve never heard the facts about vitamin c but youve heard this........hmm, ive been known to have a few cakes with psylocybes growing in them and have never heard of that man.....like other dude said

  17. The first time I did mushies Esskay suggested we grind them up into OJ. Just tasted like it had pulp in it. In retrospect the OJ may have made me trip harder. I ate around 2g that day then 4g a few days later (without OJ). The first trip was definitely stronger, I'm not sure if that was the OJ or that I had a tolerance for my second trip, or a combination.
  18. lemon tek will make your experience much more intense, just grind up your shrooms and mix them into lemon juice and let them sit for 15 minutes then drink it down.

  19. http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/4714757/an/0/page/0

    And I'd love to hear these "facts" you have on how vitamin C helps strengthen a trip.. Cause it is not the vitamin C in this lemon tek that strengthens the experience.

    I always eat my mushrooms with a glass of orange juice because it helps kill the taste easier... It does not in any way effect a mushroom trip, and anything you do feel is a placebo.

    Word of caution to those wanting to do this tek above. It's not for the faint of heart and it will be unlike anything you have experience. BUT, if you think you can handle it and you only have a couple grams of mushrooms, than this method should be helpful.
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